Everyone has their own love for sideburns and facial hair. My long hair was a result of a brightly colored goatee I had. It seemed like a good idea back then. We all have seen photos of Dad’s big day, with the groomsmen sporting huge mustaches and mutton chop sideburns. On my wedding day, my Dad gave me some tips. He said, “Son, shave off that crap from your face, don’t date your photographs.”

This was the best advice I received, I believe. Your Love Wedding Photos And Film should be timeless.

Yes, Wolverine looks cool…but…

Ah, the sideburns of the mutton chop. These look great on Wolverine or Elvis, but are you going to use them in your wedding photos? Your kids will have a great time when you pull out your photos over the next years.

What is the point of dad’s crazy facial hair? Beards are also a problem. Do you really want to make your bride go through that on her wedding night? Goatees, soul patches and cool 80’s stubble are all acceptable. He has it for a movie role. A facial hairstyle that was fashionable in a particular era can be dated. It will tell people when you got married, and how cool you felt at the time. Your photos should be timeless!

Ha, Ha! Daddy had a mullet!

It doesn’t stop at facial hair fellas, oh no. The Faux Hawk, Vanilla Ice lines, and the horrendous Hockey Hair or Mullet are all examples of this. Mullet has been the subject of entire web pages. Do you want your wedding photos to be on one of these sites? I didn’t think so! You might say it was all business at the front, but there was a party at the back. HELL NO! HELL NO! This was my honeymoon phase, and I’ll be forever grateful for it. Your personality should be evident in every aspect of the wedding. But let’s not forget to keep it classy.

We can help, we have the technology

How can one deal with one’s head and facial hair? You can pamper your facial hair by getting a little pampering. After you have had a good breakfast, go to the salon on the morning of your big day. Take your groom to a well-respected barbershop for a warm towel facial and straight razor shaving. This will make your skin baby-soft for the wedding, and all the wonderful kissing. You can even have the barber come to your hotel room.

Your gorgeous head hair. It is a good idea to get your hair cut a few weeks ahead of the big day. It will look great and you will love the style. You can get a trim on the last day of the wedding by going back to the same guy. Sounds simple right? My hair was cut just before the wedding. It was too short, and it makes me look like I’ve been given a day off by the Marines. It looks even worse when you look at it from the right angle.

Simon’s Advice for a Gutsy Groom

These are just a few of the things we want to highlight. Take some time to pamper your self and shave your head before you go. One more thing. If you do decide to dye your hair, let it grow naturally. Don’t dye your hair on Friday night if your wedding is Saturday. You will look fake, and your hair may be dripped with dye. That is not what anyone wants.

If you wish, you can make the shave an event for all your groomsmen. If the bridal party has their hair and make-up done, why not have your groomsmen get a hot towel facial? This will ensure that your groomsmen don’t show up with crazy facial hair. Talk to them about it when you ask for them to join the groom party. Some people are very attached to their facial hair and might not want to part with it.

Your photos should be timeless. I know I’ve said it before, but I cannot stress this enough. Your kids won’t be able to look at your wedding photos and have a great time with their friends. Instead, they will want to show their friends the album and tell them how amazing their parents are.