Food and beverage service refers to the provision of food prepared in the kitchen , and drinks made in the bar for the patrons (guests) on the establishments for food and drinks that could include bars, restaurants hotels airlines, cruise ships trains, corporations as well as colleges, schools and prisons, hospitals and takeaway restaurants, among others produtos naturais Food and beverage establishments are classified into these categories 1. Restaurants: Restaurants can be described as locations that serve Food & Drink is served. There are a variety of restaurants: All Day All Day Dining Restaurants These are often known as Café Shops or Cafes within Hotels. They typically are huge in size , with a large number of Covers (seats) in comparison to other Restaurants within the same hotel. The primary reason they are referred to as all day dining restaurants is due to the hours they are open since they are open for breakfast from the morning to lunch in the afternoon , and Dinner in the evening. Fine Dining Restaurants Fine Dining Restaurants are distinguished by their extensive and exclusive menus with a particular attention to the extremely top quality food that they serve. The focus is in fresh, natural ingredients flavours or […] read more