Everyone has their own love for sideburns and facial hair. My long hair was a result of a brightly colored goatee I had. It seemed like a good idea back then. We all have seen photos of Dad’s big day, with the groomsmen sporting huge mustaches and mutton chop sideburns. On my wedding day, my Dad gave me some tips. He said, “Son, shave off that crap from your face, don’t date your photographs.” This was the best advice I received, I believe. Your Love Wedding Photos And Film should be timeless. Yes, Wolverine looks cool…but… Ah, the sideburns of the mutton chop. These look great on Wolverine or Elvis, but are you going to use them in your wedding photos? Your kids will have a great time when you pull out your photos over the next years. What is the point of dad’s crazy facial hair? Beards are also a problem. Do you really want to make your bride go through that on her wedding night? Goatees, soul patches and cool 80’s stubble are all acceptable. He has it for a movie role. A facial hairstyle that was fashionable in a particular era can be dated. It will tell people when you got married, and how cool you felt at […] read more