No matter how strict safety regulations are in your workplace, construction sites accidents still happen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 150,000 accidents take place on construction sites every year, and the majority of them cause severe injury to the workers. These construction site accidents are also quite common in the city of 2.7 million population, Chicago. 

Whether you’ve been a victim of a construction site accident that causes severe injuries or a loss of your loved one, you should contact a Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer. Obviously, the last thing on your mind would be figuring out about getting compensation for lost wages or medical bills but still, it’s important to fill the case and seek justice. That is why hiring a construction accident lawyer is crucial. 

If you’re still wondering why you need to hire a construction site accident attorney, then keep reading. Here are some important reasons that you should know. 

#1: Guide You How To File Suit

Filling a construction site accident lawsuit is not impossible on your own. However, there are several other critical considerations that you need to think about while filling the lawsuit to get the claims successfully. An experienced construction accident attorney can provide you with the best legal guidance and help you make the right decision to get the maximum settlement. Not just that, these lawyers can intervene with the brutal insurance companies that try to put pressure on the victim.  

#2: Dealing with Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Construction has the highest amount of deaths as compared to any other profession in the US. Every year around 5,333 deaths occur from construction site accidents. That means every 3.5 out of 100,000 construction workers die in workplace accidents every year. Handling such critical cases requires professional representation by an experienced Construction Accident Lawyer. 

#3: Labour and Wage Disputes 

In addition to handling construction site accident cases, an experienced lawyer can help you with labor and wage disputes because these lawyers are well-versed in national and in-state laws regarding workplace safety, workers’ compensation, racism, harassment, and negligence. You can use their knowledge in preparing a solid argument against your employer to clear any type of workplace dispute. 

#4: Get The Right Financial Recovery For Your Injuries

The damages you can recover in the construction site accident cases vary greatly on several considerations. You need to deal with the at-fault employer and the insurance company. Handling such a case on your own can not just slow down the speed of the case but also reduce the chances of getting the right financial recovery for your damages. However, when you’re working with a qualified construction site accident lawyer, it enhances your chances of getting more compensation for not just the medical bills but all other damages like lost wages, disability, emotional trauma, rehabilitation costs, etc. 

#5: Handle Complicated Cases 

Whether you’re looking to improve your employment contract or are in need of a construction settlement claim, a construction site accident lawyer or personal injury attorney can help with negotiating a more favorable outcome for you. 

An employment lawyer is trained to understand the complications and complexities of your job so they can advocate strongly on your behalf through every stage of the litigation and will even be available during the pre-litigation stages when it comes down to providing their expert knowledge about what you should expect once you begin filing a personal injury claim. 

#6: Help You To Understand The Claim Amount

The majority of the workers and employees are not fully aware of their rights and worker laws, making it very difficult to understand the claim amount. However, on the other site, a dedicated Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer has years of experience in the field, which allows him to help the victim not just understand the right claim amount but also put efforts so that the victims can get the maximum amount of compensation they actually deserve.  

#7: Make The Claim Process Faster

After getting injured by the construction site incident, one’s prior focus should be on getting the necessary treatment to recover as quickly as possible. While you’re healing physically and mentally, your construction accident attorney would be taking care of the documentation, court appearance, handling negotiations with the insurance company and your employer. That means by hiring a construction accident lawyer; you can make the claim process faster while recovering from the injuries. 

#8: Fight With Any Type OF Entity

Construction accident lawyers can help you fight against the powerful corporation for any type of claims related to workplace accidents or negligence. Raising your voice against the big corporation and seeking the claims that you actually deserve is sometimes not possible without having experienced construction accident lawyers at your back. 

The Final Verdict:

If you or someone close to you was seriously injured in a construction site accident and you need the advice of an experienced attorney specializing in those matters, then don’t waste another second. Call Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer today. Also, don’t worry about the fee. They won’t ask for any fee until your case is settled and also would cover all the costs associated with your case. So, get a free consultation by calling at (800) 985-1819.