You can’t deny the fact that every day several numbers of frauds happen in the hospitals, workplaces and other institutes. In simple words, a fraud claim is a demand for money or property from the government which is based on falsehood. 

Many people have been given the facilities by the government to claim for their medical bills or other advantages. But there are always some fugitives among some good people who take unfair advantage and make false claims. Like they make false medical bills and claim that they were admitted to the hospital for a few days but in actuality, they didn’t get admitted. 

Sometimes when the government hands over contracts to different organizations for several works like road construction, water cleaning projects or safe drinking water projects. Few organizations take the contracts from the government and also take the funds. But they do not do these projects or do poor work and invest a very little amount. And make false claims that they have done their job honestly. But in actuality, they devour the huge amount of money provided by the government. This is how fraud happens. 

However, being a citizen or if you are a member of any union or organisation or workplace, it is your responsibility to raise your voice against the fraud. You can take the help of False Claims Act Attorneys. The lawyer will investigate the incident and take action against the culprits. 

Some Of The Most Common Types Of False Claim Act Cases

I’ll discuss cases that are very common and people do millions of frauds with the government as the government pays for all the benefits given to the workers. Though the government can’t judge that fraud is happening because of the bills the culprit submits. Actually, the fugitives give bribes to lower staff and ask them to generate false bills. Some of the cases include

•Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare is a vast department. It includes pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, and many others. Several dollars of fraud happened in health care systems. Sometimes pharmaceutical companies take orders from the government to prepare medicine to provide benefits to the people but they charge a high medicine rate from the people and earn money. 

Some other common types of healthcare fraud are Medicaid and Medicare fraud. The doctors or other health care staff make a false claim that they have provided some services but in actuality, they did not provide that service and took the amount from the government by false claiming. 

Most of the workers who have been given the facility for claiming medical bills for surgeries and other medical issues. But they misuse these facilities and claim false bills from the government. 

•Government Contract Fraud

Contract fraud is the most common type of fraud. The contractors cheat the government. Sometimes they make false certificates to take the contracts from the government. The famous industries do fraud with the government and earn money illegally. They take the orders or make contracts and do not work on those orders or sometimes they invest less in those contracts and devour the rest of the money. Almost many people are involved in these types of frauds and they all disturbed the money among them.

•Environmental Fraud

Environmental fraud is also one of the common types of corruption. The government works on environmental improvement. The government serves the community and gives contracts to some authorities who can work on the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, the Safe drinking water act, toxic waste cleanup and other protection. But some authorities make violations. They also take charges from the community for providing these services. Or sometimes do not perform their work properly. They take the money from the government but do not complete their responsibilities. 

Though, if you see any kind of injustice or unlawful act in any of the departments or organizations then you should take a stand. This can be called whistleblowing. Many people think whistleblowing is a crime but it is not. It is helping the government. However, you can also take help from False Claims Act Attorneys.

Final Words

False claims acts have become so common these days. Many people have lost their honesty and morality maybe because of inflation and overpricing. They agree to do fraud and make false monetary claims against the government. Though I believe overpricing is not an excuse and inflation can’t justify this illegal act. No one has the right to make false claims as the government always tries to help the civilians. 

Therefore, to stop this crime in our working departments we should take a stand. Don’t forget a single step makes a great difference. However, if you are feeling unsafe then you can take help from the False Claims Act Attorneys. The attorneys will take the action and help the government to recover the money from the wrongdoers.