Some people wonder what a massage can do to a human body other than the feel good factor. Well, massage can help you balance your body by enhancing the five elements in the body. The benefits of getting a professional massage are numerous. They act as self healers as they not only relax the tensed muscles but also clear the body of toxic acids like lactic acid. It increases flexibility and removes stiffness thereby increasing mobility of the muscles and joints. They are different types and various forms of massages. One such variation in massage is the tantric massage.

Tantra is an eastern term used for body to body massage london Kundalini powers by energizing the seven Chakras. The belief is that sexual energy is spiritual and that utilizing this one can attain great spiritual glory. Tantra is always associated with spirituality of the male and feminine aspects. Though it is an eastern belief more and more people from the west have started to practice it for their physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

People always associate tantra with sex. And hence this massage was considered as a sexual massage done to gratify the sexuality and offer complete satisfaction. But slowly this form of massage has gained popularity people now understand it as a massage to increase the sensuality and make them more open to touch and the feeling associated with it. It might help increase the sexuality by increasing sexual energy but the aim of this massage is not to offer sexual gratification.

Some major benefits are:
• The body’s Kundalini is awakened
• All the seven spiritual chakras are enhanced and energized
• Balance of physical, emotional and spiritual energies
• Women experience great benefits. Menstrual cramps are minimized through vaginal tantric massage
• It opens up new levels of pleasure by increasing the sensuality in the body organs

Tantric massage in London serves people without compromising on the tradition and the cultural aspects of this eastern philosophy. The massages offered are done by genuine and professional person, as it is very important for the massage receiver and giver to trust and like each other. It can relieve great emotional buildups and stress immediately and offer great relief by opening up all the energy centers in the body. Tantric massage is safe as long as you do it with a trusted source.