The term “SFS” what does sfs mean can be used to refer to various things depending of the particular social network used or the individual’s preference. It could mean “snap for snap”, “shoutout for shoutout”, or “spam for spam”. Don’t be confused They all refer to the same thing. Like the name implies, it’s a form of exchange between two people. One user will include another user in their post to send their followers to the other’s website to aid in growing their respective follower numbers. Simply put the influencers use this technique as an opportunity to promote each other. The other person then hopes that does the similar. It doesn’t have to happen by chance. Users can arrange ahead to showcase each other’s content as well – and that’s why hashtags are important. Searching for #SFS through social networks can help users locate others who are looking to increase their following and also promote themselves. The hashtag can also be utilized to get rapid likes for a post. A search on #SFS will reveal hundreds of posts. users can double-tap to “like” their heart’s content, which makes those who wrote the content to appear more famous. Other hashtags that are used in the same manner include #L4L, which means “like for like” – and #F4F which means “follow for follow”. The phrase “shoutout” has been around much longer time that social media. It was utilized by DJs, radio presenters and MCs as early back to the 1980s as a means of saying greeting someone special to them through the airwaves, the audience, or even in the club. In recent times, due to the growth of the social web, the term has changed to include a “promotion” or “plug”. Thus, “shoutout for shoutout” is simply a way of saying an offer in exchange for another. “Snap for snap” or “spam for spam” are only variations of this. It’s as easy as mentioning the Instagram username and always followed by an “@”, wherever your followers will be able to see it. It can be posted in your main feed and/or in the Stories section, where it will be removed from view for 24 hours. If one account has of followers, the account with more followers could cost for the shout-out. On Snapchat the process works identically – influencers make shoutouts available in their Snapchat Stories and snaps.