PHP Frameworks

PHP has finally received the attention it deserves. Yes, I’ve previously believed PHP is among the languages that are not being used, ignored because it is used extensively however there aren’t enough software, or as we call them frameworks , to use PHP. However, that wasn’t the case until the advent of PHP 5. Following it was launched, PHP There is now a variety of Frameworks to choose from.

Today, we look at and comprehend in depth the various frameworks that are that are compatible with PHP. One of the most well-known frameworks that work with PHP include:

  1. Zend Framework. Zend Framework.
  2. The Prado Framework.
  3. CakePHP Framework.
  4. Symphony Framework.

These frameworks are, of course, the most well-known and there are over 40 frameworks available for PHP and it’s difficult to determine which one is the most suitable for you and is most effective for your web development needs and corporate goals.
All of these frameworks are completely free and offer many services that fulfill almost all requirements of a web designer an owner of a website. The most popular features of these PHP Framework are as follows:

  • PHP 5. It’s not difficult to see! All frameworks are compatible with both the PHP 4 and PHP 5 version of PHP.Only “The Prado Framework” will work with PHP 5. PHP 4.x version of PHP and PHP 5. PHP 5.x version of PHP.
  • Multiple Databases: All the frameworks mentioned above allow multiple databases and can be used without the need for setup and adjustments to their configurations.
  • Validation The four different frameworks come with an inbult validation as well as a filtering component that can be employed.
  • MVC Each of the frameworks use MVC which refers to an implementation of the Model View Controller setup.

This is the only controllers and components that are typical in the majority of PHP frameworks, and you should be looking for these components while downloading or using the PHP framework.

Now let’s look at an overview of every one of them PHP frameworks and their most prominent features:

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