Today, we live in a time where even the topic of living is difficult to do without programming. We live in the age of computers, and no day goes by without using this device. It could be programming for mobile applications development or in software application development, it’s with the help of programming that all these accomplishments are achieved.

With the advancement of technology humanity has turned speed into the primary goal. Speed has impacted every aspect of human existence. It is likely that this factor has impacted the software creator the most. This is evident in the frameworks that are part of the categories of programming. For mobile application creation, PHP application or.Net applications developers are able to create a the ability to build a new bridge or claim new ways of reducing the process. This was one of the primary factors that resulted in the frameworks.

Every software designer has attempted to come up with a solution by using faster and more efficient methods. This is why they’ve used the abstraction tool , such as the framework that supports reuse of code and has come up with unique applications.

As with everything else, the use of frameworks comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. In this article we will be discussing the benefits as well as the drawbacks as follows.

The lighter side of Utilizing Frameworks

1. Frameworks concentrates on Efficiency

The process of writing code is not easy, even for the best developer. The entire process will take several hours to write 100 lines of code. However, with a framework in place, the entire process of development can be completed quickly. Frameworks are definitely the best cake in this regard.

2. Frameworks that are affordable

The majority of the frameworks available for use are with no cost. Both the customers and developers benefit by these frameworks in an extensive manner. Since there aren’t any costs for the development of the program, the client pays less than in the previous days where there was no need of frameworks.

3. A good framework is Synonymous With Fortification

A framework that is popular is well-known as secure. The frameworks are continuously infused with the top security solutions. They are supported by a community that continuously provides security solutions for users. When a developer, be it an PHP programmer or.Net developer discovers a security flaw in his programming, he is able to immediately communicate his message to the community and fix the weaknesses. The team will always find methods or other ways to correct the issues.

4. Framework Support Framework Support

For discussion about frameworks and their support Every software developer has benefits from frameworks. Frameworks typically come with all the documentation needed and a knowledgeable support team , and large community forums that is able to continuously back up users in any way.

These are just a few advantages of having frameworks. There isn’t everything glittering and shining about the frameworks. The next paragraphs of the text would be discussing the drawbacks of using frameworks.

A Darker Side of Frameworks:

5. You’ll be familiar with the Framework, but not the language

When a developer becomes familiar with the framework, they tend to be less knowledgeable about the primary language that is used to create the framework. As an PHP programmer, if you’re using an application framework such as Symfony or Codeigniter that you’re stepping away from the language of PHP programming. In simple words, if you are familiar with Symfony however, it doesn’t mean you are an expert on it. PHP programming language.

6. The Limits of Frameworks

Every framework that is part of each class, whether it’s software development for mobile devices or the software programming, has an essential behaviour. The behavior of the core framework cannot be altered or altered by the end user. The user is obliged to adhere to every restriction and must follow every single rule it provides. When you’re deciding on the framework you want to use, check it that it meets your needs to the fullest.

7. Frameworks are not private.

There are plenty of people who have evil motives. Because the framework is available to all, these individuals also have gain access. They are able to study the features that you have created and utilize it against you, by pointing out its weaknesses. Make sure to take each step carefully when adding new feature in the framework. Click here