Here is the truth, “Online job search sites can be dangerous!”

Yes, although sites like Monster, Career Builder, Hotjobs and Indeed are all reliable and trustworthy site when you’re looking for work. Some of the companies that advertise for employees through these sites may not always have the best intentions.

Here’s what I mean: The prospective 여우알바 employers link they provide may at times not even be for real companies. But for con artist whose sole purpose is to steal your life away. To get your full name, social security number, birth-date and your home address. I’m talking the whole shebang.

All so they can do only god knows what with your identity.

Here’s a true story…

I just moved to an up and coming part of the wonderful state of Texas from the cold dreary town of Toledo, Ohio. Anyway in planning for the move I searched most of the online job search sites to see what jobs were available.

As I reviewed the open job results, there was something quite weird about this one particular link I clicked through to from a major job site. Something about it just didn’t sit well with me, but I filled out the online application anyway. Once finished, before clicking the submit button, I sat back and looked at the page for a moment and that’s when it hit me!

There was no contact information what-so-ever for this company. No address. No phone number (not even a toll free ). Not even an email address. I then opened another tab on my web browser and Googled the company name and the only information Google gave me was the job posting that was listed on this major job site.

Just to be sure I wasn’t crazy though, I Googled the name of one of the top companies in the same industry this company was supposed to be apart of.

Guess what I found?

This second company had its contact information all over its site. They had an 800 number, they had a regular number. They had a physical address and an email address so that you could contact them.

Comparing these sites confirmed my suspicion. I believe (and its just my opinion) that this website was setup to steal my personal information and that of any other person seeking employment online at job search sites.

So in a nutshell, my advice to you is pay attention to who you’re giving your personal information to… especially when you search for work online at job search sites.