Christmas is one of the best holidays ever. To me, Christmas is an important day of worship and a celebration at the same time. For Christians it’s an extremely significant religious holiday and is that is celebrated in America during the holy feast days of the six. It is a major holiday acknowledged by U.S all public organizations, which includes schools and government offices. Many people are granted by their employers an extra day of work for the Christmas season.Christmas is my most-loved holiday for years. It’s isn’t just me time of the year, it’s also the most enjoyable time of year for all. There’s something wonderful with the time of year, one is the cool weather. you feel the warmth of Christmas especially when you look at the Christmas decorations at the mall, and you can hear the amazing Christmas songs they play. It’s probably time to purchase some decorations for my house. The Christmas tree, and its decoration, the shimmering from Christmas lighting. It’s breathtaking when you look at the Christmas tree, the ribbons as well as the garlands and Christmas lights hung around each lamppost. It’s impossible to beat the extravagant display of windows, and let’s face it the decorations are stunning. The excitement of Christmas is there for me every time I walk into the department stores, filled with the wonderful songs of Christmas. What more do I need to say? I’m a huge advocate of wrapping gifts and getting with lots of people who buy gifts for Christmas. It’s a pleasure to discover the perfect present for someoneand then witness their reaction after opening wrappers. In spite of the mixed feelings of shopping, there will be times when people become angry with the shop owner who’s grumpy and then, after the exhaustion of wandering around and looking at the various options for something to purchase it is clear that this is the excitement that is Christmas. It’s the time of giving. The Christmas season is magical for me. I wouldn’t trade this season for anything else.
Christmas is the sole season when family members as well as friends and neighbors, where we are able to share delicious meals, exchange gifts to everyone , and sharing joy and feeling the love we have to give with one another. I am thankful to have these people within my lives. A plethora of food items from friends and neighbors, festive desserts aside from fruitcake are delicious. Particularly when your family and friends gather in your sofa with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows, eggsnog, Christmas cookies, and then watch these great Christmas movies to get into the Christmas spirit.
Here’s some background on Christmas. It marks the birth of Jesus Christ who Christians believe is the God’s son. God. Since there is so little details available about Jesus’s birth date, the time of His birth is not known. There are many Scholars are in disagreement about when Jesus really was born. Christians are celebrating Jesus’ birth Jesus on the 25th of December however Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on or around the 7th of January.+ The celebration of the Birth of the “True Light of the World” was held at the time of the December Solstice which was the time when the Northern Hemisphere began to have longer hours of sunshine.
Christmas is an extremely special day for children. The children believe in Santa Clause, father Christmas who gives gifts for children at Christmas and the presents that children most want. There are children who write letters addressed to Santa Claus a few weeks prior to Christmas in order to get the present they’ve been longing for.
In certain people Christmas is an private family event that brings together family members from various geographical regions during this time of year. It is a holiday of joy across the globe. The people of different countries mix their traditional traditions with lots of celebrations that are universal for Christmas. Many families decorate Christmas tree, whether real or fake. Everywhere around the area is lit up throughout the night, making the block is beautiful and vibrant. Christmas is celebrated throughout the globe, even although there are issues around the world that divide nations and people. Some churches offer particular services and special programs for Christmas Day. There is joyous singing by certain groups, choirs, as well as a great time of fellowship following worship. This is the time to celebrate sharing, giving and love. Isn’t this the greatest holiday you’ve ever had?

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