The last few decades has seen a major shift in how people communicate and how they communicate with each other about the world around them. Social media websites are increasing in recognition among the masses and are now an important information. People want to be informed about the news around them and more keen on receiving news from around the world today. To satisfy the requirements of the people, the media industry has witnessed rapid changes in the course of time. Gazeteler were the dominant information media for a long time because it was the sole source of fast information. But the development of the technical aspect of acquiring online news has reduced its importance. The online news industry is able to fulfill the obligation of keeping viewers informed by giving them details about local news, world information, news breaking entertainment news, sports news, and much more. Moving away from print media, the present-day format of news in visual format is becoming more popular.
In a world in which a single click can lead to information related to every aspect and event newspapers have become old-fashioned. Internet has transformed this world more compact place through providing people with easy access to current world news. Within a matter of seconds, you are able to be informed about the latest happenings across the globe. The greatest benefit of news sites is that it allows one to view the news according to his interests. The search bar feature reduces the time limit of delivering specific news to the readers. Web-links are also available with every news summary that provides information on the event and the reasons. Websites, social networks and forums such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter as well as international news outlets such as the CNN sites, BBC and many more are the most convenient methods to access world news.

The internet is predicted to be being the next big information providers newspapers are standing out in this segment. A large portion of the world population is seeking the latest news and headlines throughout their working hours and work hours, they are dedicated to bringing world news nowadays, fast and simple. This is why newspapers are now embracing internet technology to gain from this new technology. Both online and offline versions of newspapers are now available to the public. It’s not clear whether print media-based newspapers will be wiped out because a significant portion of the world remains unaffected by the latest technology. Additionally, Feature Articles are a source of information for many people with a conservative view who believe that the content is real found in the newspapers.
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