Tabaxi, being a humanoid race with feline characteristics, have a carnivorous nature. They are known to primarily consume meat as their diet. In a fantasy setting such as Dungeons & Dragons, Tabaxi characters are often described as skilled hunters, able to track and capture prey effectively. Their feline instincts and agility aid them in securing food sources.

While meat forms the basis of d&d miniatures unpainted their diet, it is not uncommon for Tabaxi to also incorporate other elements into their meals. They might consume various types of fish, birds, small game, or even larger prey depending on their environment and hunting capabilities. However, specific preferences may vary among individual Tabaxi characters or as defined by the game world in which they exist.

It’s worth noting that as a player or storyteller, you have flexibility to further customize and adapt the dietary habits of Tabaxi within the context of your game or story, as long as it aligns with the established lore and setting.