Cannabis, also called marijuana pot, weed, marijuana or any of the other names it appears to possess can be extremely addictive for some who are struggling to quit smoking cannabis. The best way to stop smoking cannabis in this scenario depends on a thorough understanding of the drug and the effects it has on your body and mind. Then you will be able to experience the advantages from quitting cannabis, and be able to keep abstaining from marijuana and avoid relapses into addiction. weed delivery

First, we need to understand that there are some myths regarding marijuana addiction that result in those who are trying to quit smoking cannabis in a bad manner. This can lead to marijuana users slamming the notion of addiction. This is not beneficial for everyone who is. weed delivery ottawa

Cannabis isn’t physically addictive
Numerous studies have proven that smoking marijuana isn’t similar to smoking cigarettes. The chemicals (nicotine) create physical dependent on the substance and, when depleted of it you are prone to cravings that cause you to re-inhale in order to get rid of the negative effects. It doesn’t mean that smoking cannabis doesn’t come with its own set of issues but they’re generally distinct from one another. weedpins

Cannabis Fordrawals
The withdrawal symptoms of cannabis are typical after quitting smoking cannabis, however any physical cravings are light, and can be accompanied by:

  • Dreams that are vivid I’m not certain the cause, but users who have stopped using cannabis typically have their dreams extremely intense and frightening. It may be due to something to have to do with the chemical THC that remains within your body for weeks after you quit smoking and how it affects your brain.
  • Anxiety – Feelings like paranoia and anxiety can increase as you work to get rid of the chemicals in your body.
  • Sleepiness – Some people have complained that they find it difficult to fall asleep, which could be due to the body’s readjusting.

The symptoms fade over the time frame and are typically not as severe as the negative effects of quitting smoking, but the true cravings are caused by your mental dependency on drugs that is a result of the fact that you are desire to have to use it, but not physically being in need of it!

Psychological Dependence
A psychological dependency occurs when you are convinced that you need to use cannabis, whether it’s in the form of bongs, joints or whatever you want to use due to the fact that you believe you require it. This can be quite confusing and you don’t know what you decide to smoke, but for the majority of people it’s because it’s become a way of life to get rid of something from your personal life. In the case of escaping poverty, abuse or mental illness or simply being frustrated and unmotivated, you could become a smoker in order to get away from reality. The feeling of high can provide a temporary relief that helps you feel better for a time. This isn’t the solution for long-term problems and the continual use of cannabis often causes more harm and resolves no problem, but leads to a spiral of anger, depression and even more dependency for cannabis to cope with all.

How do you stop using cannabis? The first step is to comprehend what you’ve learned and determining the reasons you decide to take marijuana. From there, you can be able to decide to end the habit and enjoy the benefits of having a clearer mind and more time to alter things, and more money to do it as well!