Your life completely changes after marriage. You get new responsibilities, new rights and basically a new life. The period right after marriage is the most beautiful period for any couple. The romance is at its peak and the honeymoon period continues for weeks after the actual honeymoon is over. And if you and your partner are living on their own, this feeling stays even longer. To marinate this awesome time, it is a very good idea to do up your new house in as romantic a way as possible. Here are a few ways in which you can do just this.

The best way to do this is by adding romantic lighting. The kind of lighting your home has, has a big impact on the mood. Dim, golden, accent lights can be a great option for those looking for romantic vibes in the home. Tall lamps, sexy video chandeliers, mood lights etc, bring out the lovely romantic mood in an individual and are great for newly weds. Another way to add more romantic energies to the house is by choosing the colours wisely. The colour pink is the colour of love while red is colour of passion and romance, smart usage of these colours ignite the correct mood in people. Another no brainer is the use of flowers. Flowers have been symbols of love since time immemorial. We can use flowers everywhere in our home, be it in the living room, kitchen or even the bedroom.

Another very effective way is the use of scented candles. Online shopping stores are flooded with these candles and are a perfect accessory for any newly wed couple, who’s redoing their home. The scent of these candles ignite the right kind of the mood and the beautiful, dim lighting, is a bonus. They are available in various different scents and you can pick the ones which you like. Hanging framed photos of you and your partner from happy days in the past can also be a good way to introduce romantic vibes. These photos will keep reminding you of the great time you have spent with your partner and your married life will stay as romantic as ever.

A lot of home decor items also help in giving a romantic vibe to the house. Sculptures of romantic couples, romantic lamps, paintings, or even romantic quotes and images ignite a romantic vibe inside the house. Cushions, pillows, soft toys and all kinds of fluffy, soft additions to your bedroom can add a mushy, adorable vibe to your room.