A suffocation of every day stress

Long hours spent at a computer could cause injuries, muscle tension or discomfort that can exhaust your body, mind or emotionally. This could negatively impact your personal life, as well as your job. Since the primary benefit of massage is elimination of stress, general health is improved and maintained through massage therapy. The detrimental effects from stress could be slowed or avoided. On a regular basis, it helps reduce pain, prevent injuries and preserve the health of your body. It’s an essential part of being healthy physically and mentally since it helps relieve stress, which is the cause of the majority of illness and discomfort.

  • Rygsmerte (backpain)
  • Through reflexes in the autonomic nervous systems, massage can affect internal organs as well as regions that are not in the area being to be treated. Massage promotes relaxation, eases the pain, increases mood and improves mental clarity. Massage can be used to aid in relaxing or stimulating and may be used to aid in rehabilitation following surgery injuries, accidents or poor health. Massage improves lymph and blood circulation, stimulates natural killer lymphocytes and lymphocytes which kill cancer cells. It also improves mood through the increase of dopamine and serotonin levels and reduces the pain by increasing pain-killing endorphins. Massage can help relax the body, lower your heart rate and pressure, and reduce depression and stress. It can also offer symptomatic relief from chronic and acute issues like headaches or facial discomfort as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. It helps to restore and align by restoring balance to your body and mind, so that you are able to take your stride no matter what you face in life. It aids digestion joints, joint mobility, muscles relaxation, and relief from muscle spasms and cramps.

    A bodywork treatment as form of medical treatment

    Massage therapy is becoming more advanced and efficient as it expands into new areas like medical massage, which is currently the fastest-growing form of massage currently. Massage therapy training was a vital component of medical massage and nursing care prior to the mid 1950s, when it slowed to almost nothing because of the rapid advancement and almost exclusively utilization of technology during the 20th century. Massage therapy was no longer thought of as a requirement for healthcare in hospitals. In the present it is recognized that massage therapy in hospitals is vital to create an overall feeling of wellbeing and support that is missing in the ever-growing fragmentation of hospitals due to the increased focus on specificization. Medical massage employs the traditional massage strokes that are then specially adapted to treat, for example patients with cancer, hospital patients, and pregnant women. Medical massage is offered in a hospital setting in an outpatient clinic or even as mobile therapy in which the therapist goes to the home of the patient to provide the patient a customized treatment plan.

    When it comes to massage therapy for the cancer patient the therapist pay close attention to the negative effects of the curative treatment in order to design a suitable treatment plan. This therapy is designed around the specific adverse effects that the patient is experiencing , such as pain, lymphoedema scarring nausea, stress tension as well as fatigue, insomnia as well as depression, anger and anxiety.

    So, cancer massage is an unique therapy that is designed to complement the curative treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Therefore, it requires a greater understanding of the pathology, medical procedures and adverse effects than regular treatment. If you don’t know this, it could lead to harm for the patient since the therapist won’t be able adapt the treatment to create an effective treatment plan.

    When performing massage during pregnancy, the therapist should take into consideration primarily muscular and skeletal problems caused by increasing weight of the uterus changing the center of gravity for the female body. Treatment for this condition will be focused on the lower and upper back discomfort, sacroiliac dysfunction and pubic symphysis or lower abdominal pain. The therapist needs to be aware and be able to spot medical issues that are acute, such as preeclampsia and deep vein thrombosis that could be fatal if not treated medically.

    Bodywork can be used for a wide therapeutic use

    The main advantage of massage therapy is relaxation of tension and stress. Because a variety of physical and mental conditions result from stress, massage may help relieve these issues and is a therapeutic tool with a wide range of applications. One of the most significant benefits and the use for massage therapy is reduction of stress. It also reduces muscle tension, encourages relaxation and relieves neck, lower back, and shoulder discomfort, pregnancy bedrores, burns that are severe the iliotibial syndrome, injury to the spinal cord aswell in easing the symptoms of systemic diseases such as cystic-fibrosis, the attention deficit disorder (ADD) as well as fibromyalgia, diabetes, asthma and eczema. HIV lymphoedema and PMS. (PMS).

    Sleep disorders, fatigue related to cancer, diabetes high blood pressure spine injury lower back pain, decreased immunity, post-operative surgeries, infertility and eating disorders, autism as well as age-related diseases and quitting smoking can all be treated with massage.

    Shiatsu, a type of bodywork that includes and massage, offer an alternative to drugs, is non-invasive and person-centered approach that is that is based on the body’s natural capacity to recover itself.

    Bodywork in Pregnancy

    The significant emotional, mental, and physical changes that come with pregnancy impact your work, lifestyle as well as your relationships with family and friends. Massage can help you manage these changes with ease. The use of massage therapy in pregnancy can improve overall health, reduces tension and eases muscle discomforts and pains. It alleviates the various issues that arise from the muscular, skeletal and circulation issues caused through hormonal shifts in pregnancy.

    Massage eases lower back hip and leg discomfort, nausea, oedema, constipation and heartburn. Regular massage helps reduce anxiety and reduces the hormones that cause stress during pregnancies. Labor is easier and shorter and baby’s health is better. There are less obstetric and postnatal complications, like preterm birth or babies born with low weight.

    Bodywork for patients with cancer

    Massage therapy for people with cancer is a non-toxic and non-pharmacological treatment that has no negative side consequences. It reduces depression, fatigue, anxiety stress, tension as well as insomnia, anger and improve self-image and the quality of living. Massage can reduce muscular tension, pain nausea, constipation scarring and lymphoedema.

    Massage as a support intervention for children who have cancer, helps to decrease anxiety, pain, depression, constipation , and the risk of high blood pressure. Massage also enhances the performance in the body’s immune system. It also decreases depression and nausea in times of suppressed immune function after chemotherapy.