Hypnosis has a positive impact on all aspects of our lives. Hypnosis has become mainstream and no longer thought of as “white illusions” by people who are educated. Wieluń news

The information on this page is derived of recent reports published including news, studies and news regarding the use of hypnosis within various situations.

Hypnosis and smoking

Based on the American College of Chest Physicians the hypnosis method has proven to be more effective than other quit smoking techniques.

This was revealed at their 73rd annual meeting in 2007. The study revealed smoking smokers, following an hypnosis session in order to stop smoking, were more likely to remain non-smokers for the next six months than people who took Nicotine replacement therapies or had quit using nicotine replacement therapy “cold to the point of death”. Wieluń

It was discovered that there is more likely to quit using the use of hypnosis compared to treatment with nicotine substitution.

In a recent study conducted at an institution called the University of California at San Francisco the study included 125 smokers who were treated with hypnosis, while the same number of smokers received counseling. After one year of therapy was completed, 22 percent of those who were hypnotized quit smoking, compared to 15 percent in the group that received conventional counseling Wieluń informations

Hypnosis in addition to Pain Reduction

Doctors at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in Newport Beach, California, are studying the application of hypnosis in order to help with the adverse consequences from surgery.

In the study two patient groups who were undergoing surgery were examined. The patients who was hypnotized prior to surgery experienced less nausea, pain, and anxiety following the procedure than the group who didn’t receive the hypnosis.

Another bonus was that the price of treatment was reduced by an the average was $772.00.

Hypnosis and Birth of a child Birth

HypnoBirthing, a trademarked method developed by Marie Mongan, a New Hampshire hypnotist, is increasing popularity, particularly among women looking for healthy, natural solutions to the pain of birth.

Because stress and fear create tension and suffering, the initial step in the hypnosis the childbirth process is to show women to relax by using positive affirmations and visualization.

It is noted that hypnosis is not suitable for all, since everyone has their own degree of reaction. Hypnosis isn’t advertised as a solution for every womanto enjoy a pain-free birth.

Hypnosis during childbirth is seen as a possible alternative, but it is not a substitute for other pain relievers. It’s dependent on the patient’s reaction to the treatment.

The use of hypnosis to help with birth is extremely effective in gaining new converts. It can be proven to ease the pain and contractions.