Process of Roof Restoration

  • Inspection

Roof Repair Brighton will conduct a detailed inspection of your roof and will expertly explain the work that needs to be done to provide you with the best roof restoration Melbourne homeowners deserve. It will ensure that you understand each step of the process so that you will never be left in the dark as to what to expect and what happens next.

  • Replace Broken Tiles

Not every broken tile is a clean break Roof Repairs Sydney and it can cause major leakage. To prevent this from happening to you, they inspect your whole roof and change.

  • Pressure Wash

A pressure wash not only washes down the surface area in preparation for painting. It also removes any lichen and bacterial growth that sticks to your roof which can cause severe deterioration in the tile and metal roof surface.

  • Change Valley Irons

Valley irons are the water channels placed in the middle of two sloping sides of your roof. Valley irons are metal and over time the combination of cement and bare metal will create rust and eventually cause leaks and damage inside your home. We do recommend changing all valley irons and applying storm seal on all of our roof restoration projects.

  • Re-Bedding

Your old cement work eventually cracks and shifts away from your ridge capping. This causes the ridge to become dislodged, which will eventually lead to a leaking roof. As part of their roof restoration service, they will replace and re-install your bedding with a fresh mix of sand and cement.

  • Flexible Pointing

The flexible pointing compound will protect your cement and securely hold your ridge in place, keeping them straight and neat. Flexible pointing is a tar based compound that stretches with the shifts in your home whilst remaining intact. Available in most colours, pointing is a must have in the roof restoration process.

  • Colour Coats

Colour of your choice is now ready to be applied. They will evenly spray two coats of Dulux Roof onto your roof to provide protection and durability, whilst ensuring a weatherproof seal for your roof tiles.

  • Primer And Sealer

They will apply a good quality primer to ensure your colour coat has the strongest adhesion possible so that it stays brighter and vibrant for longer. For extremely weathered tiled surfaces, they may apply a high building sealer.

  • Terracotta Treatment

On top of the first 9 stages of their roof restoration process, they will apply a protective fungicide that will protect your tiles and slow down the process of returning bacterial growth.

  • Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is important to this company. To ensure you are completely happy with their work, they offer written warranties against any defects in their workmanship.

The climate surrounding your home can greatly affect your roof’s condition. Your home in Brighton is particularly vulnerable to the harsh effects of the weather and any pollution, being positioned close to the city and even closer to the ocean.