If you’ve ever wanted to make costume jewelry a part of your repertoire but you just didn’t know how then you probably have looked high and low at all of the trendiest stores. Of course when you do that, you typically find that half the women in the store are buying the same jewelry, or they’re already wearing the pieces you’re looking at. And when you walk down the street, you find the same thing. And who wants to be a jewelry twin? Nobody. That’s why I recommend hitting a jewelry sale that isn’t at the mall, but is in one of a few unique places you probably never thought to look.

  • Estate sales – Estate sales are a gold mine when you’re looking for unique pieces because someone who lived in the house that is having the estate sale packed away everything they ever thought was important and kept it for years on end. You can find unique pieces dating back 100 years or more in some cases, and there’s nothing too shabby that isn’t chic about that!
  • Yard sales – Yard sales are a great place to get your hands on some of the best pieces around because people are selling them at rock bottom prices. Yard sales happen all summer long and you can find excellent ones by looking in the classified section of the newspaper, going online, or just driving around a higher class, or older neighborhood.
  • Thrift stores – You wouldn’t believe the types of things that people donate to thrift stores these days, typically because they don’t know what they have in their possession. In many places, costume jewelry is bountiful in thrift stores, and if you want to get your hands on some excellent pieces, you can typically purchase them for under $10.
  • Vintage stores and antique shops – Although you’ll typically pay a little more for the best items when you shop a jewelry sale in an antique shop, you can generally expect that your items will be authentic to a specific age and that they’ll be beautiful and come with a story that everyone around you wants to hear.

Remember, the greatest thing about shopping for specific jewelry types is that you’re not limited to the remakes of today. You can get your hands on some of the best items, that are classic and old, by just rooting around different places in your community and online.