You’ve picked your date set your venue, booked it and began shopping for wedding dresses. Now , you’re searching for a photographer to capture your wedding. There are numerous wedding photography styles available there, and even though professionals working in the field might be familiar with these styles, they can be challenging for couples. Be aware that you are not just selecting a style for your wedding and the various types of Sydney wedding photographer could create different demands on the time you spend on the day of your wedding.

The choice of the type of photos you’d like to take for your wedding is down three factors. What kind of photos you’d like to see, the length of time you’d like to be the photographer on the day of your wedding Sydney wedding photography and, most important of your personal style and ease with the camera.

There are many different buzzwords for photography. Artistic, editorial, vintage or contemporary are only one of them. It is more complicated to understand that they are utilized by photographers in various ways. It is ultimately the wedding couple’s responsibility to ask lots of questions and perform plenty of research prior to selecting the right photographer. Likewise, don’t be sure to view the full pictures from the completed weddings. Do not depend on the top five or six photos from a variety of weddings to choose.

Wedding photography styles offer an attempt to balance the need for great work and adhering to a schedule. Photographers can create stunning photographs, but if he is taking too long to create the images, you’ll probably not appreciate the experience.

Wedding Photography Traditional (or posed) Wedding Photography

Many people imagine typical wedding photographs as an endless and boring group shots in which everyone looks as stiff as a piece of paper. Even more so, the diverse groups of people seem to last forever. I believe there is a trend to go lower on traditional wedding photography, however the basic structure remains the same for a majority of wedding photographers. Photographs might be more fashionable, but the experience of the day for bride and groom is alike.

There always exists a compromise between the kind of work that a photographer performs and the amount of time to capture it. Formal posed photos require more time to create and set up. Anyone who creates stunning posed photographs will require some time to create his finest work. It is essential to know the amount of time he’ll require, and then figure to figure out how you can fit it within your schedule. Photographers can take a few hours taking formal photos. Be sure that you’re comfortable to spend that amount of time for your day. If you’re not comfortable in front of a camera, you might find this kind of photography challenging. A skilled photographer will be able to guide you feel at ease, but for many people, it might be a little daunting.

Wedding Reportage Photography (Wedding Photojournalism)

If traditional wedding photography is about poses and reportage wedding photography is a different approach. It is based on the ability to capture events as they occur as they happen, and is more of an on-the-spot documentary. This kind of wedding photography implies that the photographer will spend the majority of the time behind the camera, which is why it has become more popular for couples. Weddings are becoming less formal as they used to be. Photographing weddings for documentary needs the use of a different set of skills from traditional wedding photography. Therefore, you need to ensure that your photographer is equipped with the proper photographic background, and will provide you with full weddings to support this. Wedding photography is more about a complete set of photographs of the entire day rather more than a selection of highlights from a dozen. There are photographers who are willing to join the latest trend to increase their business, yet keep using the same way of doing things they’ve always done. Wedding photography is about anticipating and getting in the correct spot at the right moment. It’s not about tightly the people around, and this can put many wedding photographers out of their expertise. There are photographers who aren’t as ethical who are using trendy buzzwords to boost their SEO, yet still produce the same boring old images.

If you’re hesitant about taking your picture photography at your wedding is the best option. The photojournalism process happens without conscious of it, and you’ll appear the best you can.

Although these two methods may seem like opposites, most wedding photographers offer an amalgamation of both styles. There aren’t many wedding photographers who don’t take at least a few formal wedding photos. Traditional wedding photographers take informal shots as well. Find out how much of photographers like to shoot. Better still inquire about what they prefer to shoot the most probably this is the thing they excel at.

Vintage Wedding Photography

Wedding photography that is vintage an aesthetic which has been gaining popular recently, however in many ways, it’s an elusive one to define. Vintage could refer to anything from using film cameras that were used in the past in a couple of weddings to a completely different way of producing post-production to create vintage-looking digital images. There are some fantastic photographers available however, you must remember that if you receive images that have been heavily edited to a particular style there is a chance that your images will appear old-fashioned a few years after. If I were to hire a photographer who was vintage I would personally want at the very least a portion of the wedding photos to be shot on film. I’m also not a big fan of fake images. Always be sure to ask questions, review examples and then make an informed choice.

Editorial Wedding Photography

The wedding style is influenced by fashion editorials in glossy magazines. At its most effective, it produces stunning pictures that look high-end. In order to achieve this on the day of the wedding, the photographer has to be extremely organized, and will likely require assistance in setting up the photos ahead of time, but this would depend on the style of the photographer. Take your time to research the subject and make sure that the required for this kind of shoot are compatible with the plans you have in mind. If you love the style of photography, but don’t want to commit all of your time during your wedding day, you might want to consider scheduling an additional photo session following the wedding. It’s often described as a waste or treasure the photo shoot for the dress and a separate photo shoot may be the most efficient method to ensure the wedding you’ve always dreamed of and the photos you’ll be happy with without losing a large portion of the wedding day. This means you and your photographer will be able to choose the best time of day to get the perfect lighting and have the option to change the date if it’s splattered with rain. Many countries and especially the US weddings with high-end photography is shifting to three different shoots: the engagement session and the wedding day and an editorial shoot. Do not necessarily assume that everything must be completed all in one day.

Artistic or Fine Photography of Weddings

In essence, it is an evolution of the traditional bridal photography style, this kind of photography provides a contemporary approach to an old-fashioned set of photos that are posed however, both are phrases that were overused by the photography community. Therefore, it is important to make sure to research. When done properly, this style can create romantic, moving photos, however, certain photographers may overuse similar poses and it may appear too formal. Make sure you see a lot of photos and don’t be shy to express your ideas during your pre-wedding planning meeting.


There are a variety of types of photographers available However, the key aspect is to go beyond the buzzwords that are a hit and examine long and deeply portfolios. It is ultimately the skill of the photographer you’re employing that matters. Personal service, experience and professionalism ensure an unwavering quality in photography, from bridal day to wedding, as well as the ability and consistency to handle the various situations that can arise on a wedding day. The portfolio of the photographer should have an even balance of images from bridal preparations all the way to wedding night’s first dance. You can ask them questions about how much time they’ll need to finish those crucial formal and couple shots and determine the amount of time you’re willing to spend. In the case of more casual style, planning and communicating prior to the wedding is essential for the best results and get them done efficiently. Be sure to follow the guidelines and you will enjoy a memorable wedding with the perfect wedding photos.