Whether you can make a last-minute booking for a minibus depends on several factors, including the availability of vehicles, the policies of the rental company, and the demand for minibuses in your area. Here are some considerations:

1. Availability: Minibuses may be in high demand, especially during peak seasons or popular travel times. If there is limited availability, last-minute bookings might be more challenging.

2. Rental Company Policies: Different rental companies have varying policies regarding last-minute bookings. Some companies may accommodate last-minute requests if they have available vehicles, while others may require advance notice.

3. Driver Availability: If you need a driver for the minibus, the availability of qualified and licensed drivers may impact last-minute bookings. Some companies may need time to arrange for a driver.

4. Documentation: Depending on the rental company and local regulations, you may need to provide certain documentation for a last-minute booking, such as a valid driver’s license and payment information.

5. Flexibility: Being flexible with your travel details, such as pickup and drop-off times or locations, can increase the likelihood of securing a last-minute booking.

To make a last-minute booking, consider the following steps:

1. Contact Rental Companies: Reach out to Edinburgh Minibus Company directly to inquire about last-minute availability. Provide them with your travel details and ask about any specific requirements.

2. Use Online Platforms: Some online platforms and apps allow you to check the availability of rental vehicles in real-time. You may be able to find last-minute deals or availability through these platforms.

3. Be Prepared: Have all necessary information, including the number of passengers, trip details, and payment information, ready when contacting rental companies to streamline the booking process.

While last-minute bookings are possible in some cases, it’s generally advisable to plan and book your minibus rental Oxford Coach Hire in advance, especially for larger groups or during busy travel periods. This ensures that you have the best chance of securing the vehicle that meets your needs.