The most savvy shoppers know they know that Black Friday 2010 is coming to an end on November 26 and it’s the perfect time to grab amazing discounts on hot products like electronic gadgets and toy. If it’s for getting a little bit ahead in your Christmas shopping or simply to benefit from the incredible sales and discounts, it’s now a typical experience to observe shoppers line up early in front of their preferred shops on the first Friday following Thanksgiving. In addition, the trend is now spreading to the Internet and has resulted in some of the most popular deals being offered online, with the benefit of being able to avoid the crowds, while enjoying huge savings at the convenience at home. What’s the story about Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here are some interesting factsand suggestions on how you can make the most of discounts for the holiday season!

The History of BLACK Friday, CYBER BLACK FRIDAY, and CYBER Monday
Black Friday is referred to as the official start of this season of Christmas sales. In the latter part of the 19th century and into the 20th century, a lot of retailers started making an marketing campaign to promote their Christmas sales right after Thanksgiving in order to extend the sales season. Because many workers get the day off following Thanksgiving Thursday, to ease to the holiday weekend, Friday following Thanksgiving quickly became one of the most popular shopping days.

The phrase “Black Friday” is a term that has multiple possible roots, with one of the first references to the term being in the year 1966 in an Philadelphia publication. It was claimed that Philadelphia Police Department used the phrase in a negative manner to refer to the huge traffic jams and throngs of shoppers that engulfed the city that day.

Another popular theory is that it is based on the idea that retailers could in the near future become “in the black” or profit-making instead of having to be “in the red” or losing money – due to the beginning of the holiday shopping season in accordance with accounting terminology.

As the popularity of online shopping increased, Cyber Monday came about as the day that online retailers offered discounts and specials as an alternative to the crowds that would fill brick-and-mortar shops during Black Friday.

There is no doubt that shoppers are searching for ways to stay clear of the chaos and lines in the malls at Black Friday, so what are the best ways to save at the convenience of your house?


  • Create a list, make sure you check it twice: Whether you’re shopping to buy a gift for someone special or offering your loved ones help with ideas to make your own Christmas gifts It’s always a good idea to have your own shopping list! This can help you save time and money , and also ensure that you don’t buy gift cards that are not worth the money and will be returned.
  • Do some study: How will you determine if it’s actually a bargain If you don’t check the item prior to purchasing? Do some research on the internet to determine what your desired item typically costs before deciding if it’s worth it to get up earlier to avail them.
  • Always get the best price: Even if you’ve examined the prices of your preferred retailer Sometimes, an advertised price may not be the cheapest price , so make sure to compare prices at various retailers! Pay attention to retailers or payment methods that provide the best price guarantee or price security.

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