You  might favor Sydney or Melbourne, the bigger, glitzier cities in the east of Australia, but have you ever wondered what is so special about Perth and what is so fascinating about Perth? Perth is located on the west coast of Australia, exactly a 2,700-kilometer drive from Adelaide and around a five hour flight from Singapore. Perth is quite famous as the sunniest city in Australia, with the most welcoming summer weather. Perth has great vineyards, an enchanting city center, friendly locals, and plenty of pubs and clubs. Try visiting the city with your family and friends on the upcoming holiday. Without any doubt, it is quite clear that summer is the 491 visa income requirement best time to visit Perth, when the city enjoys no rainfall, both virtual and real. Here lists some amazing locations for your travel itinerary to Perth so that you can save time without overthinking and work out exactly what to do in and around Perth, Australia’s City of Lights.

Swan River Cruises

Perth CBD can be identified as quite compact in size and even recognised as one of the cheapest cities in Australia to fly into. Try covering as many attractions as possible. Get up early in the morning, feel the freshness and take in the best vibes. Reach out to Elizabeth Quay, the center of the city, home to many events and activities happening throughout the year with your travel companions. Elizabeth Quay can be described as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Perth to take some cool photographs, practice bell ringing in the bell tower. It is also a lovely spot to admire the fountains. There are many operators offering stunning  boat tours over to the other side of the river to see the spectacular sunset and snap a photo of the striking Perth skyline rising above the water. Get on board one of the sought-after Swan river dinner cruises enjoying the beauty of the City of Lights and its surroundings after sunset, from a unique perspective, while enjoying a delicious freshly prepared hot and cold dishes and fresh seasonal salads with some drinks including beers, wines and soft drinks. Head to the center of the city and get aboard a dinner cruise in Perth enjoying some of your best moments with friends and family.