Since the beginning of time the armored transportation system has been protecting the most vulnerable to attacks. We’ve had military vehicles that were armored for soldiers since the beginning of the century. The transport of valuables on armored transit vehicles began in the aftermath of World War I, when crimes were extremely high and the wealth of the world required extra security. Nowadays, armored vehicles are more crucial than ever before, and are in use across the globe – including armored police and military vehicles, through SWAT tactical vehicles to cash-in-transit vehicles, to armored cars and armored SUV’s.Autos blindados

It’s obvious that when armies SWAT teams, police units banks, retailers ambassadors, as well as celebrities, high-profile entrepreneurs and stars are seeking protected vehicles they’re searching for the most secure and highest quality that is available. This is why individuals and organizations from across the globe select Armored Group. Armored Group – providing the most advanced level of armored transportation security currently available.Camionetas blindadas

Cash in Transit Vehicles Police officers and military personnel couldn’t defend us as effectively as the ones they have if had not secured by armored military and police vehicles. SWAT teams also operate in extremely dangerous situations, such as hostage rescues, warrants with high risk and armed intervention, terrorism prevention as well as counter-terrorism, and combating criminals who are heavily armed. Armored Group Armored Group delivers the protection they require by providing armored vehicles specifically designed to defend against attackers . They are resistant to bullets and strong enough to stand up to other types of aggressive attack. The options for armored vehicles include buses, vehicles for rapid deployment commander centers, prisoner transportation vehicles, troop transporters and many more.

The robberies of cash-in-transit are a major issue across the globe. Security guards who carry the cash often get injured or killed. The cash stolen is often used to finance criminal organizations. That’s why many businesses and banks choose The Armored Group to provide the cash-in-transit vehicle that are trucks and vans specifically designed to thwart attempts to rob or steal.

Ambassadors as well as politicians, entrepreneurs, and famous people can be major target for a variety of reasons, targets of large underground organizations or by individuals. They could be visiting other countries that are in high-risk zones or simply navigating between home and work ambassadors, politicians, celebrities, and entrepreneurs typically require armored vehicles. Armored Sedans and SUV’s can be the solution equipped with bulletproof glass as well as layers of armor that are inserted beneath the skin of the vehicle. This means they’re not noticeable inside an armored car which looks like other vehicle on the road.

The Armored Group’s collection of armored vehicles and SUVs include models you’ve seen such as the Chrysler-Dodge 300M, BMW 750LI, Ford Excursion and GM Escalade. Additionally, Ford, GM or Chrysler create all the military and police vehicles as well as SWAT tactical vehicles, and cash trucks. They can even design the vehicle you choose.Click here

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