Alkaline Ionized waterIt is made by electrolysis, a process that dates back over 200 years. Johann Ritter and William Nicholson first tried it in 1800. It has been used in many industries, including smelting and other processes that separate different metal elements. Michael Faraday was the inventor of the magneto-dynamo, and one of his inventions was for electrolysis. This is the electronic separation and reduction of water into its principal constituents, hydrogen, and oxygen. Electrolysis is used to separate water into positive and negatively charged ions, and their respective acidic and alkaline streams. Water ionizers use this method. A form of electrolysis was later used to create and produce the first alkaline water Ionizers, first in Russia, then in Japan.

The water ionizer is used to create alkaline ionized waters. It uses a water ionizer that electrically separates tap water into alkaline and acidic waters and then feeds them into separate chambers. It has been proven that alkaline water collected in one chamber is beneficial for human health and well-being. It is useful for cleaning and sanitation.

This technology was first used in water ionizers. They were created in Japan, and based on previous Russian efforts. These early experiments with alkaline ionized waters were first tested on animals and plants. Many Japanese universities started measuring and recording the effects of ionized waters in 1954. They mainly focused on the effects of acidic water on plants. The acid water preserves cut flowers and other plants for longer periods of time. Although it took longer for doctors to collect sufficient data on people in Japan, they finally had enough data to confirm that the alkaline water was not toxic and also its positive effects in relieving or eliminating many diseases.

In Japan, the first commercial water ionizers became available in l958. Only very large units were used for hospitals. In l960, Japanese doctors and agricultural researchers created an agricultural and medical research institution that would conduct more detailed and comprehensive research on ionized waters and the benefits they provide. Based on their research, the Japanese Health and Rehabilitation Ministry prepared to certificate the alkaline water-ionizer as a medical device that can improve human health in January 1966.

What makes Alkaline Ionized Water so effective?

Alkaline ionized waters penetrate every cell in the body and create a superior acid/alkaline equilibrium. It also produces super-hydration and detoxification, as well as an abundance of oxygen and more antioxidants when consumed continuously and for extended periods. Ionized water replicates the molecular structure and health of healthy, natural water from pristine sources. Water flows naturally down riverbeds and over rocks, taking on oxygen from the earth and alkalizing minerals.

This is when water bounces off rocks and other impediments to form a hexagonal structure. The molecules then group together and form smaller clusters which penetrate cells more easily, allowing for greater absorption of nutrients and better utilization. These smaller water molecules clusters contain more stable oxygen, which allows for deeper and better hydration at the cell level. The cells also detoxify faster and are better able to absorb nutrients, which leads to improved health and performance. A healthy environment is one that has plenty of oxygen. Diseases do not thrive in alkaline environments.

Ionized water is electro-chemically enhanced with antioxidants. This “extra” electron is needed to “donate and neutralize” free radicals. These antioxidants are obtained from an “electrolized enhancement” to the water. They can go directly to cells to prevent and repair free-radical damage. They can also be used as “carriers” to transport nutrients and vitamins more efficiently.

Proper hydration, detoxification, and oxygen are key to cell health. Water is 70% to 80% of the body, making it the most important substance in the body. You cannot properly hydrate if you don’t have enough water. The body’s acidity is increased by water that has been contaminated or polluted with chemicals. Without adequate and complete hydration, the brain, tissues, organs, and muscles cannot function at their full potential.

Consuming fully optimized alkaline-ionized water to achieve optimal health and performance is the best precaution.

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