Whether it is because a gas supply is not available, or simply that the home owner prefers using electricity, electric boilers as opposed to the gas variety are available to provide the home with central heating and hot water. In the not so distant past electric heating systems were restricted to blown air systems or storage heaters which were not energy efficient because they burned electricity when it was not necessary. But modern electric boilers have revolutionised central heating and the heating of water making them much more economical to use than was previously the case.

Off peak electricity tariffs and electric boiler Birmingham special tariffs for the elderly are also helping to make electric boilers an increasingly attractive proposition. The introduction of direct acting boiler systems, which are easy to operate, is also making the use of electricity for central heating and heating water more popular.

Modern systems often come as a complete package with the boiler itself, hot water system and a pre-plumbed circulating pump which is factory fitted, as well as controls for the central heating and hot water. The boilers are also very compact. They are often not more than a metre long and can fit almost anywhere there is space for it in the property. Some types can also be fitted beneath the floor, thereby not impinging on the space available at ground level and above. They are also almost 100 per cent energy efficient and operate silently. And, when a householder or landlord is considering installing a new boiler and heating system, he will find that the new system will quite easily replace his old one.

Electric boilers also have certain advantages over their gas central heating and water heating counterparts. There are fewer serviceable parts and they need less maintenance. The annual services that gas systems need, both for efficiency and safety, are not required for the electric variety. Also electric boiler systems are far easier for plumbers to work with than gas ones which will result in lower repair and servicing costs.

There is no shortage of options for anyone seeking to install an electric boiler. A visit to a showroom, or a look at the various websites on the internet, will confirm that. The ease of installation, the reduced need for maintenance and increased energy efficiency is making the electric boiler an an increasingly attractive prospect for heating homes with more and more householders electing to install this type of heating system as opposed to gas systems.