The wok is a pan or pot that is found in all Asian cuisines. Easily recognisable thanks to its flared shape, it is ideal for simmering, cooking and frying various preparations. This cooking utensil is compatible with all kitchens. It offers cooking methods that maintain the taste of your food and much more, as the rest of this article shows.


The wok for fat-free cooking

Using the wok to cook and prepare your dishes is the ideal solution for healthy cooking. Its flared shape is perfect for retaining heat, so your food cooks without drying out. Its coating and size also reduce your need for fat when cooking.


None of your food will stick to the sides of the pan, whether it’s fish, vegetables or meat. A single drizzle of oil is all that is needed to maintain the texture and flavour of your food. You can use the oil of your choice, olive oil being the most common in cooking, as it is healthy and tasty. The wok is also ideal for preserving the nutritional quality of your food.


A wide choice of recipes to prepare

The wok is a utensil that can be adapted to any recipe in the world. It is not only dedicated to Asian dishes. This multi-functional pan allows you to start preparing and making a variety of dishes. For example, you can use it to fry fritters in a few minutes or to sauté vegetables. All the ingredients in your dishes will come back to the right temperature and in an even manner. It is also used for steaming vegetables or dishes such as ravioli. In this case, all you need to do is use bamboo leaves or bamboo sticks to steam your food. You can even use them to marinate or simmer a dish.


Stainless steel wok


The wok for quick preparation

The wok is available in different sizes to suit different users in the kitchen. In any case, you can be sure that your food will be cooked quickly. Thanks to its shape and the material used in its manufacture, it transports heat quickly and distributes it evenly over its entire usable surface. This considerably reduces your cooking time, especially for meat.


Given this speed of cooking, it is important to pay attention to your preparations so as not to miss them. On some models, you have a heat indicator to find your way around. If you don’t have a heat indicator, just look at the appearance of the food to see if it is cooked or not.


Quick and easy maintenance

Unlike a frying pan, the wok is easy to maintain. That’s why it’s the kitchen equipment of choice for restaurants. It can be easily adapted to intensive use and only needs a little soap to be clean. Depending on the dish you are preparing, you can also use paper towels to clean it. The secret of its efficiency and practicality lies in its adhesive coating which does not retain any food on its surface.