Are you part of a massive corporation that prints hundreds of documents each day and disposes of the used toner cartridges after the end every day? Toner Cartridges  Do you find yourself often finding that the printer cartridge you have purchased has run out of ink/toner and then put the cartridge of ink or toner immediately into the trash? Do you have a storeroom with an abundance of old printer cartridges lying around? If the answer to any of the questions above can be yes we’d like you to consider your options! Consider the many ways you can use your used toner cartridges! This article we’ll provide a few of the various methods you can utilize to ensure that the used cartridges don’t end up contaminating your home or, even worse they get dumped in the garbage in the yard.

1. Refill
The majority of machines allow refilling the cartridge, however you should confirm that the cartridge is designed for refilling before choosing to go through the process. Filling up toner cartridges is a job is easy to complete yourself. Cost-effective and simple to use kits can be found that permit the refill of your empty cartridges. The majority of kits include instructions, however these steps could be beneficial if someone has an interest and has the ability in refilling

  • It is recommended to buy the toner kit with toner bottles that are packaged, and an iron soldering (used to create an opening) and the cutting tip. For the majority of cartridges refilling can be simple using choosing the “unplug then pour” option. Some companies, however, have made it difficult refilling the cartridges because they make the most money making money from selling cartridges. The most well-known HP as well as Canon cartridges are just a few of the instances of such printers. Use a soldering iron to create a hole inside the cartridge that you have used or take the plug out using pliers.
  • Shake the bottle of toner well to help the flow of toner quickly. The cap is removed and breaks the seal of the bottle. You can now easily put the toner powder into the cartridge through the hole that you have made. Be sure to leave a space as you pour the toner.
  • Remove any excess toner spilled on the outside of the hole using the duster. Seal the hole with a grommet made of rubber or plastic. This will prevent leaks in the future.

You should ensure that you purchase an toner refill kit which has a tight fitting seal to seal the hole you made to stop leaks inside the machine.

2. Recycle
Although refilling your old cartridge is a great way to make money but another method will allow you to save money in a simple method. One can dispose of used cartridges and sell them off to a business. Many remanufacturers have created websites to allow those who are willing to sell their used inkjet or toner cartridges. They will either directly pay you for used cartridges or provide you with discounts on new toner cartridges. There is a widespread belief about remanufactured cartridges are made of poor quality powder, which can hinder the printing process, but this is not the case.

3. Start a Business from your home. Business
The above points taken in consideration will let your creativity flow and provide infinite ideas on ways to manage old toner cartridges. For instance, you could become your own recycling company. Take your empty cartridges, and then encourage others to take the same action. Contact your neighbors and ask you to take their old toner cartridges at your home and spread the word about your recycling company. If you end up with a significant number of empty toner cartridges, you can bring them to a reputable recycling facility yourself or, better yet, refill them. Though refilling a lot of toner cartridges that are used will consume a significant amount hours, the good news is that you could earn substantial cash by selling them to neighbors and making profit!

4. Discarding
If your cartridges aren’t able to be reused (due to some kind of damage or have already been recycled several times) You shouldn’t throw them into the trash since printer cartridges have Carbon Black which is classified as carcinogenic. There are recycling companies that specialize in removing toxic substances.