Everything happens for a reason. This law is known as cause and effect. This means that you are two things if you read it. You are human and you are here for a reason. If you have a purpose, then the real question is: Who are YOU? What is your purpose? What are you standing for? These questions have been the foundation of personal growth and self-discovery for a long time.
What happens if you are having trouble imagining your purpose and finding your passion? It can be frustrating, to put it mildly. It is easy to lose heart and get confused when trying to discern between the options available, other opinions and your true potential. It is unlikely that Purpose Discovery and Passion Discovery will be included in today’s curriculum. So what can you do if you want to discover who you really are?
If you answer the following questions honestly and keep your eyes on them daily, it will help to create a vision that will change your destiny. If you don’t feel comfortable picturing yourself with all of the wealth, prosperity and joy you were destined for, you should be ready to face some difficult questions.
You may feel a little discomfort when you read them. It is normal. This is a natural reaction to your comfort zone. You can be totally honest with yourself and accept that you are exactly where you currently are. T Harv Eker is the author of Secrets of The Millionaire Mind, a #1 bestseller. He best describes this perspective when he states that “every master was once an accident”.
21 Questions to Discover Your Passion and Uniqueness
Questions about “Where you came from”
Looking back at your past can help you understand where you are today. These questions can be helpful if you are open and honest with yourself. You cannot change the past.
These questions are meant to help you become more aware of yourself. Knowing and accepting your origins will help you to get to know the person you are traveling with. This is crucial, as it means that you will always be at one with yourself, no matter where you travel.
1. 1. What were the three most memorable experiences in your life?
2. Which creation are you most proud? This is what makes you stand out.
3. Are you a person who has ever experienced total, or even temporary, bliss? What did you do?
4. Which are your top three favorite things? These are your top 3 favorite things about yourself.
5. Which 3 qualities would you want to have as a friend?
6. What did your family say about you?
7. Which was your most difficult lesson in life?
Questions about “Where are you now?”
These seven questions will give you an insight into who you are as a person. Please be honest with yourself and open to learning from them. You can learn and accept who you are right now to be able to make the best of your future.
1. What is your natural high?
Are there any activities that give you an adrenaline rush and leave you feeling energized?
2. Who are you most envious of?
Maybe your friend who is a world traveler, always looking for romantic and exotic destinations. Julia Cameron states in “The Artist’s Way” that jealousy is a way to hide our fear of doing something that we truly want but have not been brave enough to try.
We can gain insight from our jealousy by taking note of what we are feeling. What is one thing you can do to bring out the best part of you that you have been hiding? You could go to a travel agency, get travel brochures and surf the internet for last-minute deals.
3. 3.
Who were your idols growing up? Did it have to be a comic-book hero or a true celebrity? Everybody has at least one or more people they adore, adore, or idolize. Which character traits are you most impressed by in them?
4. Which parts of your job are you more skilled at than others?
What are your most successful personal qualities, skills and abilities? Are you able to excel in any area? You can excel in your job responsibilities.
5. 5. What do you think is wrong about the world?
Is it because you want people to “lose it”? This is part of why you are here. Consider the one thing that you can do today to make a difference in the future for everyone.
6. 6.
Which beliefs and values would you be willing to give your life for? To find out what you stand for, you might need to identify what you wouldn’t stand for. What is it that bothers you? What are you unable to tolerate?
7. What are you doing wrong?
What’s stopping you from achieving what you want? How can you be sure? What would you do if it weren’t true? Is it possible to take the time to solve this puzzle every day?
Questions about “Where you want to go”
These seven questions are forward-thinking and will help you plan by planning “beginning with what is at hand”. This is one of the seven habits Steven Covey calls “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.
1. It’s the year 2077 and your great-great grand child has to give a speech about you; What do you want you great-great-grandchildren to say about the way you live your life?
2. Imagine that you are being told that your life expectancy is very short due to a rare terminal illness. What is the most important thing you can do for your professional career? What is the most important thing you can do in your personal life?
3. It’s almost time for an airplane to crash. There are only a few seconds to write a message for your loved ones. List the three most important lessons you have learned about success.
4. Your epitaph is your life. What would you like to be remembered for? The dash between is your life. Do you like what it is? Your obituary should read exactly as you imagine it.
5. 5.
6. Imagine a perfect day, if you could escape all financial and other circumstances.
7. What amount of energy would you like to have in your daily life? How healthy do you want to be? What are you looking for in these increases?
Answering the above questions will likely lead to many more questions. This is normal and acceptable. Recognize yourself for moving closer to your highest goals and dreams through the power of clarity. You will get better answers if you are clearer and more careful in asking questions. You will experience greater clarity in your life if you have better answers.
Brian Tracy, a personal productivity expert, says clarity is the key to 80% success and happiness. Lack of clarity is more likely to cause frustration and underachievement that any other factor. How clear you are about the things you want in life will determine your success.
These 21 questions were created to help you find your passion and discover your uniqueness. Today is the day to make a huge leap by choosing a worthy cause, a goal you are passionate about, or someone to fall in love. Passionate living should be your highest priority and purpose.
Get to work immediately with your support network, or start building one if you don’t already have one. You can find ways to honor yourself and share your joy with others. Your happiness, wealth, and sense of contribution will grow if you spend more time living passionately.
VEO is an exceptional teacher in the field of personal development and human potential. Russ has helped students, artists, small business owners, doctors, nurses, life coaches, holistic workers, and sales consultants to get results in their professional and personal lives.