What makes nature’s best gift ‘Dharamshala’ different from other hill stations in India. It is a little village having dazzling perspectives. It is one of the best choices for the holidays among the visitors coming here during the peak season. Now, you can select any time of the year and be grateful for the great views of the range of ‘Dhauladhar’.
Magnetism determines its real significance at Dharamshala. The special charming end of Himachal Pradesh has been a renowned holiday end for the last many years. It is home to the sacrosanct Dalai Lama; Dharamshala is more than single a slope station. Called the domain of the blissful Dalai Lama and Tibetan’s learning place, Dharamshala gives a highly divine condition. It is counted in the list of the top destinations that convey peace and wonderful nature to its guests. If you are looking for an accommodating Dharamshala Holiday Package, TourTravelWorld is ready to serve you.

Camping In Dharamshala

Here, We Will Discuss 6 Adventure Sports in Dharamshala That Will Calm Down Your Adrenaline Rush:


1. Trekking: Special for the adventure Junkies


Dharamshala is a heaven for the adventure junkies who look forward to exploring the uneven trails of the masses on their feet. Dharamshala’s adventure will surely be incomplete without this expedition. The mountain trails in Dharamshala are the perfect trekking end for new people and even the experts don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the superb place. It is one of the best adventure sports in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

Important tips:

If you are coming to the place for trekking, you can choose any time from April to mid-July. The renowned trails are Triund trek, Kareri Lake Trek, and Bhagsu Nag Trek. You can select the right footwear before moving ahead for the trek and confirm you have read all the fitness-linked guidelines.


2. Night Camping: Spend A Beautiful Night


When we talk about the adventure activities in Dharamshala, night camping is one of the best ones. Night camping in Dharamshala assures a wonderful escape from daily life and gives you an immense perspective to commune with stunning nature. People who love camping freak or desire to enjoy the best and booking a cot during your stay will make your sleep comfortable.
Dharamshala promises a special camping experience in the woods covered by the Dhauladhar ranges. No matter, you’re searching for a raw backpacking practice or a comfortable stay in the middle of nature; the town confirms you to find the special feeling. If you wish to take a break from the dull, then Night Camping in Dharamshala should be a special addition to your list. It is known as the best adventure in Dharamshala.

Tips: The best time for camping is March to June and September to October. The top place for camping is Triund Camp, Camping at Lahesh Caves, Bir-Billing. If you are coming for night camping, carry a mosquito repellent with you.


3. Paragliding: Become A Bird for Some Time


If you wish to fry like a bird in the air, you can choose paragliding which is the simplest game. It is counted in the list of the adventure sport in the world and turned quite popular with going times. Paragliding in Dharamshala is enjoyed by thousands of tourists coming to the area. Paragliding is a right mixture of parachuting and hangs gliding. While performing the paragliding, one can experience airy serenity while sailing in the air and above the ground. You can enjoy the attractive view of Dharamshala from a good height. In the way of performing paragliding, it seems quite peaceful and fantastic. In the way of paragliding, a person can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the stunning scenery. The friendly experience of paragliding allows the glider an exciting feeling. The majority of people simply enjoy watching the paragliding by the person.

Tips: July and August are the best time for paragliding. The sites for the adventure are Mahal Tahu near Indru Nag Temple and Bir-Billing. It is essential to go through the guide to make your heading convenient and secure.


4. Fishing: To Do Something Different And Special


Fishing seems to be an easy job as an outside observer. However, only the serious fisherman understands that fishing is good art. It is important to learn about it beforehand, what kind of techniques should we use, and what to do in the way of waiting to bite your hook. Fishing in Dharamshala is something special from other adrenaline-rushing activities. The place also gives possibilities to relax and sit beside the river and try hands-on fishing. Rightly blessed with different rivers and streams, Dharamshala has turned into a new end to spend quality time catching river fishes in the middle of the beautiful scenic views.
Tips: If you wish to enjoy the fishing in the place, you can book your tour package from March to June. The renowned sites here are the river Beas which is flowing in the middle of the Nadaun and Pong Dam. However, it is advised not to perform the fishing in restricted areas. It is essential to take permission earlier.



5. Rock Climbing: Enjoy With Care


Rock climbing is one of the most enjoyable sports that left out no space for guesswork. There are different styles to select from, with a great level of safety starting from secure to life-threatening. It is important to understand just how far you wish to move on.

For adventure lovers, Rock Climbing in Dharamshala offers endless choices. The presence of the uneven mountains added in the town and the tough terrains provide the right plot for the adventurers to simply relax out. It is counted as one of the finest sports here to enjoy.


Tips: The best time for rock climbing is April to mid-June and the Dharamshala-Nayagroeon area is the best place. It is essential to take proper rests in between rock climbing.


6. Flying Fox: Swish Through The Lush Plants


It is one of the most popular games in New Zealand. However, it is now offered for the travelers who are coming to Dharamshala. It includes tying together with the person to the wire and after that releasing it. The person after that rolls up and down to seven meters above the level of the river and then goes once again. The speed can remain as high up to 160 km and a system pulls one back once the action gets over. A ride allows three people to enjoy.

Tips: To perform the flying fox, the minimum weight should be 20 kg with a high limit of 100 kg.


In the middle of the mighty hills of Himachal, Dharamshala has turned as the paradise end for the junkies of adventure. The carefree beauty, this small town has a diverse range of adventure activities which are a must practice. Started from the rough trekking trails of Triund and Kareri River to the sky travel on a paraglider at Bir-Billing, the quest sports in Dharamshala will bind jointly your venture memories.

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