Trenchless sewer repair may be something you need, but if your home is in a part of the country where the weather is bad for half of the year, there may not be much you can do about it until spring arrives. On the other hand, if your Los Angeles area home is in need of a new sewer system, this may be the right time of year to get the work completed. Unlike most of the country, with freezing temperatures and several more months of unpredictable weather, here in the greater Los Angeles area plumbers are able to work outdoors throughout the year.

Plumbers will come and take a look at your home or commercial building to see if you are in need of any type of plumbing repair. Many times there is a blockage, caused by grease buildup or a foreign object that is restricting the flow of your sewer line. Other times the culprit is corrosion that causes deterioration, resulting in collapses in the line that restrict flow. Los Angeles is a city with the average home being more than forty years old, so the plumbing system may be in dire need of repair at any given time. If you live elsewhere, you may have to wait until well into spring before you can have this type of work done.

Other reasons for your sewer lines to not be operating at their maximum level are leaking joints, root infiltration, or off-grade pipes. Let professional plumbers take a look, using their high tech video equipment and other state of the art plumbing methods.

Leaking joints occur when the seals between the pipes have broken, allowing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe. In Los Angeles, there are small, almost undetectable earthquakes on a daily basis, so one of these tremors may cause a sewer pipe to begin to leak.

In the older properties located closer to the heart of Los Angeles, the original sewer lines and piping may have been off-grade, meaning that the existing pipes are composed of sub-standard materials that have corroded or deteriorated over time.

Root infiltration, also known as root intrusion, has been a major problem in Los Angeles for more than forty years. This is due to the various plants and trees that were brought to Los Angeles over the years that are not native to this area. The roots from these shrubs and trees, in search of more water than is available in Los Angeles, slowly invade the sewer lines, preventing normal cleaning and damaging the schaedlingsbekaempfung-24h