Alternatively, you may just be a tree enthusiast looking to enter the industry; in which case you will be reading up on everything to do with tree surgery and the latest top tips for keeping trees in the best condition possible.
If you are in this situation then you could be interested in the tree restoration techniques featured in the following guide.
1) First of all, you need to inquire as to whether the trees are subject to a tree preservation order. If you destroy or carry our work on trees subject to such an order, you could face prosecution from your local council. So it is vital that you make sure you request permission to work on the specific tree. You also need to research if tree is inside of a Conservation Area and what paperwork you will need to go through to carry out the necessary work.
2) Remember that tree surgery isn’t all about cutting and chopping. Tree surgery also involves essential maintenance work such as pollarding, canopy lifting, crown reductions, pruning and felling of ash, oak, horse chestnut trees, any species of domestic trees, shrubs and hedges, as well as cherry trees and apple trees. So before you decide to start chopping at branches make sure that the work you are about to carry out is best for the tree.
3) While it is possible you may have to uproot the tree, you have to think about how its uprooting can leave massive consequences for the wildlife nearby. You may take pleasure from seeing birds and other animals in your back garden without realising that those very same animals depend on your tree for their continued survival. Who would have thought that tree surgery could be so complicated?
4) Removing tree stumps is one of the hardest things to do when you cut some trees, so take your time. If you do decide against removing stumps then there is the immediate danger of dangerous elements growing on them. So it is important that you fully burn the stump. Burning a stump will save you time and effort instead of having to waste more time when removing it yourself with your gardening tools.
5) Obviously once it has been disposed of, there is the extra effort of needing to fill in the gaping holes by using stump-killing commodities. You also need to put hot water in the holes and then once you notice that the water dissipates, keep adding more water to the area until the stump killer is absolutely dispersed. These techniques will efficiently remove stumps permanently.
6) In the main, people err when they attempt to uproot the stump. While this has success with bushes, with massive stumps you can find yourself struggling and causing yourself serious injury. This is because of their weight, size and root spread. Consequently, you may have to request the rental of a tree grinder to completely remove it.
By heeding the instructions given here, the Tree Surgeon Wakefield will be that little bit easier and you will become a better and more experienced tree contractor. Besides this, it could be that you are totally in love with your job and consider it as a serious profession to move into.