Branded goods wholesalers are actually a lot easier to find than wholesalers for unbranded or rare artifacts. Supply chains for branded products are better defined and more clearly delineated than in the case of non branded products. There is however a possibility of a lot of counterfeit producers as well as middlemen in the branded goods supplies chain which ends up eating into the profit margins of genuine retailers. This article talks about some common tips to search for branded goods wholesalers.
· Contact The Company Or Find A Contact In The Company:The best and the most reliable branded goods wholesalers are the large national distributors at the uppermost level. These may or may agree to work directly with you but will definitely be able to point you in the right direction. The best way to find their names is to either contact the company or find a friend within the company who will help you.
· Most trade magazines also mention key distributors, wholesalers and other key partners for all major brands. There could be full fledged articles from which you can glean need for resellers or even advertisements where you choose products that you want to deal in. Just get your hands on the last 12 months issues of all leading trade magazines.
· A quick internet search can give you the names of local candidates that you can go and meet for more information. Not all will turn out to be wholesalers but they can again provide guidance and more information.
· Industry Events: Big partner events are also great places to network and meet branded goods wholesalers. Brands, especially known ones, are famous for their dealer events, off sites and parties – try and get invites to as many as you can.
· The internet search will also yield a lot of get rich quick books and databases and wholesalers lists which should be avoided as far as possible. These are just scams hoping to make money on some guy’s desperation.
Even after you find the names of branded wholesalers; it will not be easy to set up a supply relationship with them. Every good wholesaler has thousands of reseller applications pending with them. It will be important to market the reach and visibility that you bring to the table as well as any past achievements that you may have.
There is a big difference between finding a good wholesaler and setting up a working relationship with them. You may want to enlist the support of a common friend or contact to introduce you. It is important to remember that in case of well accepted brands; wholesalers often need you less than you need them due to the existing consumer demand.
They have a well established product and need people who have the resources that can bring in the volumes. You will be required to commit to certain minimum orders in order to benefit from the rates that branded wholesalers are in a position to Lesservicesclients