The capital of Himachal Pradesh, one of the eleven mountain states in India, Shimla lies on the Himalayan foothills with an elevation of 2276 meters. This small hill town carries out the commercial, educational and cultural whereabouts of the state. Shimla characterizes an aesthetically pleasing landscape that features extensive river systems and several peaks. The travelers of North India are offered a basket full of things to do in Shimla.
Any holidays in Shimla would offer the tourist lots of adventure, long walks amidst the romanticism of nature, and of course snow-filled fun. Not only this, Shimla homes many places to visit and also entertain people from every age group and background.

Best Time to Visit Shimla

Shimla features a predominantly cooler climate in the winter months and a fairly warm climate in summer. The temperature range on average throughout the year ranges from -4 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius. Thus Shimla can be considered as one of the cities that can be visited any time of the year. The Shimla holiday package is made according to the three main seasons- winter, summer, and monsoon. 
For the snow loves, winter is the chosen season for visiting Shimla tourist attractions. From October to February the lowest temperature Shimla experiences is -2 degrees Celsius.
Summer that is from March to June is recommended as the best time to visit for the tourists who plan trekking, paragliding, rafting, and camping. Shimla also hosts a summer festival which is also one of the Shimla tourist attractions for most of the tourists.
Approximately from July to August, monsoon prevails in this hill station. Monsoon is not at all a good time for visiting this place. Landslides are a common consequence due to rain in Shimla, which further leads to road blockages. Tourists who generally do not like adventure and enjoy misty weather might visit Shimla during the monsoon.

The Place For Everyone

Shimla is a place for all. Visitors of any age group can find happiness and amusement in Shimla. Students of any standard and the persons who love studying history would find the Viceregal lodge an interesting place. Lakkar Bazaar is most loved by the shopaholics and the ones who collect a souvenir. The toy train is an amusement for all the kids, couples, and families.
Skiing, Rafting, Golfing, Ice skating, Trekking are the most popular activities for sports lovers. Shimla shelters different places, where these adventures take shape. Though all these activities are allowed at different times of the year. If not anything else, one can just walk amidst the natural beauty of the pine forest and make memories for cherishing forever. As a whole, a tourist would find a variety of things to see in Shimla.

Explore Places In Shimla

Places To Visit In Shimla


1. Viceregal lodge: 

located on the observatory hills of Shimla, the vice-regal lodge happened to be the home of the British viceroy of India. Also known as Rashtrapati Niwas it is a mini-museum that houses a vast collection of photographs and ancient antiques from the British colonial period. This museum remains closed only on Mondays and public holidays.

2. Lakkar Bazaar: 

Shops at Lakkar bazaar offers various wooden items to tourists at negotiable prices. These items are mainly crafted by the Sikh carpenters.


3. Toy Trains: 

 The mesmerizing route of 4 hours and 40 minutes in the historic Kalka Shimla toy train provides a pure form of joy. This toy ride is one of the very famous attractions for tourists.

 4. Annandale Museum: 

The army museum with beautiful cedar trees adjoining it is famous in Shimla. The Museum showcases the old artillery and weapon collection of the Indian Army.


5. Scandal Point: 

What to see in Shimla without fail is the magnificent sunrise and sunset from Scandal point. It is a flat platform on the converging point of the Ridge and the Mall.


6. Naldehra, Golfing: 

One of the oldest golf grounds in India, the Nalhedra Golf Course is considered the most scenic golf course. This golf course features 18 tall cedar trees and 18 holes.


7. Pine Forest: 

The beautiful and dense pine forest is another very interesting place to visit for a walk in the Summerhill area of Shimla.


8. Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary: 

The widespread area of 10.25 sq. Km, this place is like an oasis for nature lovers. Bird watching is a very common activity here.


9. Ice Skating Rink: 

It is Asia’s only open-air ice skating rink and also the only one with natural ice. The winter season is the only time for skating.


10. Tara Devi Temple: 

 The historic temple featuring peace and serenity, located at a height of 6070 meters, is a place to de-stress.


Activities To Do In Shimla


1. Skiing in Kufri:

  located at a distance of 20 kilometers on the NH 22, Kufri is a small hill station in the Shimla district. The extensive slopes along with beautiful scenic views allow skiing in the winter season.


2. Rafting At Tattapani: 

it is one of the places to see near Shimla and worth adding to the tour planning. The hot spring waters on the right bank of Sutlej adventure tourists visit for rafting and other water sports.


3. Trekking: 

Located at a height of 2455 m on sea level, trekking to the Jakhoo temple top for about 2 hours is a popular activity in Shimla. Also, the 5 hours trekking at Shailey peak amidst the lush green deodar trees is a common spot.


4. Mall Road Shopping:

 for rekindling the romance for shopping, Mall road is the place in Shimla.


The above mention activities are very common among the tourist visiting Shimla. The list can be elongated with some other activities also, such as bathing in the Chadwick waterfall, going camping at the 3 acres area of Camp Chrysalid, dining at Cecil restaurant, watching yaks at Green Valley, etc.