Although they are not as commonly used as more traditional incandescent, or even newer compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, switching to LEDs provides a wide variety of benefits. Often, you will find that after switching your light bulbs require less frequent changing and are more affordable in the long run. In addition to installing LED bulbs in your home, this type of bulb is also ideal for many businesses, both large and small. Regardless of where you are installing them, purchasing quality bulbs is very important. Depending on the area in which they will be installed, you must choose from a variety of styles designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
What Benefits Can I Expect?
There are many benefits associated with LED Electricians. The most notable of these is the fact that LED bulbs use far less energy than even the much more energy efficient CFLs that have become very commonplace. Furthermore, LEDs last much longer, with some having a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Under typical use, this means that your light bulb could last for 11 straight, with that amount doubled if your light bulb is turned off frequently. Although not all of these new bulbs offer this type of lifespan, most offer at least three to five years of continuous use. This is a noted difference between incandescent bulbs, which normally only offer about 5,000 hours of use.
The result of the increased energy efficiency and much longer lifespan is an increased long-term money savings for the consumer. Here are a few more benefits offered by switching to LEDs:
· Less Frequent Replacement – This means that you will spend less time finding, buying and replacing light bulbs. As a result, you gain back valuable time and money while reducing the amount of bulbs you throw in the trash each year.
· Reduced Heat – LED bulbs operate at much lower heat levels than both incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent light bulbs. This can help to regulate the temperature better in certain areas, especially small rooms and bathrooms.
· Lower Environmental Impact – LED bulbs provide a lower environmental impact on a variety of levels. For starters, they use much less energy than most alternatives. Secondly, because these bulbs do not need to be changed out as frequently, you do not end up throwing away as many bulbs, packaging and everything else that goes along with frequently purchasing and replacing light bulbs.
Thought LED bulbs currently cost a bit more on the front end, the long-term benefits can actually result in lower expenses if you are willing to give them a try. As an emphasis on greener, more efficient technologies rises, more and more home and business owners are discovering how positive of an impact switching to LEDs has. They offer superior lighting in a variety of styles and forms. With this great versatility combined with their incredible energy savings, making the switch has become a no-brainer for many.