Regular Animal, a creative agency that generates content and design across all platforms, announces today the launch of its new website. With a vibrant design and expanded feature offerings, the new site delivers accessible information and an engaging user experience.

Founded in 2015, Regular Animal has amassed since then a client roster of brands such as Dom Pérignon, Rimowa, and Carolina Herrera. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most of the team moved to work remotely last year, and they realized the need to reinforce their virtual presence with a more comprehensive website. 

The creative agency’s new site is the result of mixing American boldness with European design. “Most of our clients straddle between Europe and the United States, so we wanted to bring an element of both places to the site,” says Ana Meira, Creative Director at Regular Animal. At the same time, the team was keen for the creative agency’s new look to convey “the European way of living and mix that emotion, with the coolness and cultural aura of Miami.”

The design oscillates between black and white; its overall minimalist backdrop blends with saturated splashes of red. Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes many new features to help users quickly and easily navigate the website and find what they need. The main content is divided into four sections: Home, Agency, Work, and Contact


On the Home page, users are welcomed into an airy layout with a brief intro and project selection. Abundant in content and crowned with a list of services, the Agency section amplifies Regular Animal’s vision. The Work section features a portfolio of selected projects, and in the Contact section, users find the agency’s contact details.


Bold design aside, the Regular Animal website puts usability first, featuring a minimalistic and functional front-end that works on all devices. The team is thrilled to launch the new site, and they feel it will serve as a practical portal into Regular Animal’s right thoughts, right words, and right actions.