Even though you may be the most talented writer in the world it doesn’t matter if your post is dominated by text. People are afraid of seeing nothing but text. Images are essential for long blog posts. Images can make your blog post more visually appealing and help you keep people from skimming. Where do you find great images for your blog? You could also take the photos yourself. This is a great option if you are blogging about personal things. You have direct access to relevant images. What if your dog threw the trashcan over and spit coffee grounds all over the place? Take a photo of it! It can be difficult to create imagery that captures the theme of your post when you write on topics with a larger scope. A blog post about how to predict ROI (return-on-investment) in order to rank well for certain keywords in Google would be one example. You could take a screenshot of your computer screen and point it to Google. But, it’s better to have a high-resolution photograph or illustration that clearly represents your idea. These images are available from stock photography websites. Stock photography websites are the best place to find such imagery! Stock photography websites provide thousands of photos and […] read more