Kentico is one of the world’s most popular CMS platforms. What’s a CMS? Simply put, it’s a type of software that enables developers and website owners to create, edit, publish, and manage content with ease. While creating a website from scratch requires you to have in-depth tech skills and coding knowledge, using a CMS simplifies the process immensely with pre-built structures and user-friendly interfaces. There are many different types of CMS platforms. While some — like WordPress and Drupal — are suitable for general websites, others have specialist purposes. Kentico is one of these. Kentico is a fully customisable CMS designed for digital marketers. As a specialty built eCommerce platform, Kentico offers website owners several key features that can assist them track users and convert clicks into sales. These features include web analytics, lead scoring, marketing automation, A/B testing, integrated campaign management capabilities, and a dedicated email application. Many of the websites that you use will have been built by a web development company using Kentico. Some of the most well known examples include Skype and Microsoft Ads. Features of an eCommerce site If 2020 taught the retail world anything, it’s that having an online presence is very important. While […] read more