Everything happens for a reason. This law is known as cause and effect. This means that you are two things if you read it. You are human and you are here for a reason. If you have a purpose, then the real question is: Who are YOU? What is your purpose? What are you standing for? These questions have been the foundation of personal growth and self-discovery for a long time. What happens if you are having trouble imagining your purpose and finding your passion? It can be frustrating, to put it mildly. It is easy to lose heart and get confused when trying to discern between the options available, other opinions and your true potential. It is unlikely that Purpose Discovery and Passion Discovery will be included in today’s curriculum. So what can you do if you want to discover who you really are? If you answer the following questions honestly and keep your eyes on them daily, it will help to create a vision that will change your destiny. If you don’t feel comfortable picturing yourself with all of the wealth, prosperity and joy you were destined for, you should be ready to face some difficult questions. You may feel a little discomfort when you read them. It is […] read more