1.You’re always right, and you should get exactly what it is that you want.Many massage clients assume they are visiting a professional massage therapist, and that whatever they say is true. Massage therapy is no different. The old saying that the customer is always right applies to massage therapy. While it is important to work with a trusted expert, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to focus more on one area or use different pressure. A “trusted expert”, will listen to what you have to say and then apply the strategies that will help you reach your goals.You won’t let someone sell you something you don’t want to buy if you already have a decision to make. This happens all too often in the marketplace. This is also true for massage therapy. Your massage therapist should be able to listen to what you have to say and help you find the best solution. It is okay to terminate a massage session if you feel that your massage therapist isn’t listening to you.Although it may sound harsh, it is unacceptable to waste your time and money on ineffective treatments. 2.What to expect from your massage therapy treatment.Your desired outcome should be achieved by the […] read more