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June 22, 2022

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Plagiarism Checker

It is a free, plagiarism checker, just copy and paste your content into the text box, and then click on the big blue button that says “Check Plagiarism!” Then sit down and see if your article has been scanned for duplicate content… Plagiarism Checker read more
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6 Best WordPress Page Speed Optimisation Plugins

  From: If you want to speed up your WordPress website, you need caching plugins. Solid page caching is a vital part of increasing your site speed as it stores certain assets, such as HTML, JavaScript and images, locally. That allows users to view pages quickly—without requiring a round trip request to your website’s hosting servers.  Apart from page caching plugins, your website may also need other plugins to optimise certain parts and assets. That’s why we’ve also included them in this list.  Here are the six best WordPress page speed optimisation plugins you can try: 1. WP Rocket  WP Rocket is one of the top WordPress performance plugins. Once you activate WP Rocket, it automatically implements several optimisation techniques, including page caching, browser caching and Gzip compression. It also comes with optional features you can switch on to boost your website speed and performance further. These include CDN support, minification, DNS pre-fetching and more.  More importantly, these optimisation tools are wrapped in the most user-friendly interface. While some WordPress caching plugins seem to require you to take on a course to figure things out, WP Rocket makes the setup process quick and easy.  2. WP Fastest Cache  Some cache plugins are […] read more
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Agenzia SEO Milano

SEO as a strategic support There is a lot of SEO topics that have strategic relevance within the market to which the company or professional is targeting. In particular: The concepts of long tail The evolution towards the mobile world The evolution towards voice interfaces The evolution towards the global multilingual market A significant intersection of these concepts is driven by the marketing need to identify one or more market niches, a market segment that has specific needs and preferences, which distinguish it from the rest of the market. Furthermore, the market niche can be more or less specific. Within the footwear market, for example, a market niche can be that of women’s shoes, which in turn can be further divided into formal, sports, casual, mountain shoes and so on. They are all market niches within a broader niche. Each market and each market niche can be further subdivided to find extremely specific niches (market segmentation). The characteristics used to carry out the segmentation of the market are different, they can concern common needs, interests, lifestyle or even identify demographic profiles. To segment the market and therefore find the most scalable market niche for your business, you can therefore follow […] read more
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