It is hard to believe that package holidays were first introduced to the UK in 40 years. This was when the majority of UK citizens saw travel as a luxury for the wealthy and the well-to-do. A summer vacation consisted of a trip to the seaside in resorts like Blackpool, Bournemouth, and Bognor Regis. Camping and caravanning holidays were popular and many families stayed in chalets on popular holiday camps such as Pontins and Butlins. These memories are still cherished by many. However, package travel pioneers wanted to make tourism affordable to all. They looked for other revenue streams to expand their businesses and visionaries such as Sir Freddie Laker, founder of Laker Airways, made it possible to make travel accessible to everyone. Popular sitcoms mocked early holidays, but the family vacation to resorts like Costa del Sol quickly became a norm. Once it was started, the exodus from sun-kissed destinations in summer went from a trickle into a torrent. Package holidays are here to stay! Package holidays had a negative impact on many of the first popular destinations. This was because there was a lack of accommodation suitable for them. This led to an explosion in high-rise apartments and hotels that completely destroyed […] read more