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September 27, 2022

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How to Find a Singer for Your Wedding Reception

If you are looking for a wedding singer for your evening reception, keep things simple by using a massive amount of online tools available to you, including entertainment directories! Planning your wedding can be quite a stressful experience. From the wedding ceremony, all the way through to the wedding evening reception, there is so much to consider and it is easy to forget about certain aspects and plans unless you are very organised. When it comes to booking entertainment, you might wonder where to start. It can be a minefield when looking for reliable and experienced acts to make your wedding even more memorable. Luckily there are a number of entertainment directories available to use online which contain listings from plenty of entertainment categories, usually including a dedicated category for singers. Let’s look at some of the options available to you when it comes to booking a singer now… Guitar Singers One of the most popular types of singers for wedding evening receptions is the Guitar Singer. These types of singer have seen an increase in demand since this type of music has blasted into the charts. A Guitar Singer can offer several types of performance, including a softer, gentle […] read more
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Choosing the Right Wedding Singer for Your Own Big Day

If you are in the midst of planning your own wedding entertainment, there is certainly plenty to choose from and one of the most cost effective, yet memorable options available to you is to hire a Wedding Singer! One of the main benefits of hiring a Wedding Singer is that you get a massive amount of choice and flexibility due to each individual vocalist having their own sound and of course genre. The possibilities are truly endless and you can ensure that you will find the perfect Wedding Singer to suit your taste and give your wedding evening reception the perfect ambiance. But where do you start when searching for a wedding singer? One of the best ways to find a singer to perform at your wedding is to use an online entertainment directory so that you can save yourself a lot of time and potentially money too! Many entertainment directories will have their own dedicated categories for singers, with many sub-categories too! To give you some inspiration, let’s take a look at different types of singer you might wish to book: Female Singers Choosing a Female Singer to perform at your wedding reception gives you a huge selection of […] read more
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On Being a GREAT Singer

When you have sung professionally for nearly forty years, have been a vocal coach for 35 years, you have been exposed to a veritable myriad of problems, all of which have begged or screamed for solutions. Being a student of the elektro-singer, music, arranging, composing, songwriting, etc. has been and will be continuously studying the science and the art of the aforementioned. There have been debates through the years as to whether it is possible or even prudent to “mix art with science”. In actuality, one may well discover that the two are inseparable, in that one cannot exist without the other. Acoustics, being the science of sound, has played an integral part in the development of better wind instruments. They are better in sound quality and in playability. Just ask a true professional musician about the difference between the trumpets of the 40s and the ones of today, such as the trumpets of Chris Botti, Wynton Marsalis, or Arturo Sandoval. Acoustics as regards voice is alive and well on many levels. The interior of the singer’s pharo-maxo-naso-laryngeal cavities varies from one singer to another and all result in contributing to the unique sound of each singer. Inside are several […] read more
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