In the middle of the 2000s, coffee pod machines began appearing, and they soon gained popularity among customers owing to Keurig and Nespresso. The demand for coffee pods has only increased since then. As the demand for K-cups and similar pods has grown, more and more well-known coffee roasters have started producing their own special coffee blends in the convenient packaging. To the end user, having additional options for coffee pods can only be beneficial. However, K-cups have been criticized since their pods sometimes fail to provide important details like the roast date and the packaging date. According to the expiration date, you can tell that capsules have a shelf life of six months at the most, and sometimes up to a year. However, it is difficult to know how fresh the coffee in the K-cup is and how long they will actually last without more information. How Fresh Is K-Cup And Pod Coffee? K-cup coffee requires a different preparation method than regular bagged coffee. The producer and coffee roaster can ensure the coffee stays fresh by using the proper machinery and the right amount of time to prepare the capsules. Coffee undergoes the same preparation and roasting as any […] read more