All folks want to guard ourselves from anything which will harm us, regardless of how small it’s going to be. Mosquitoes, bugs and other small insects that fly or creep around our house are just a few samples of those small beings which will pose serious danger to our health, especially to the young ones. That is why most folks have resorted to having the insect sprays and repellents easily found within the shelves of our favourite grocery . For quite while , these sprays are the foremost effective method of getting obviate those pests in our house. However, as technology progresses and new studies are made, these commercial sprays and repellents were found to be as harmful because the pests their trying to urge rid us of. Chemical Contents on Insect Sprays: One quite chemical that are present in insect sprays is that the insecticide . insecticide is an compound of arsenic and located to be useful within the purpose of killing pests. However, this chemical is very toxic especially to organisms that it’s not meant for. It also persists within the environment even after several years of not using them. Chlorinated hydrocarbons, though found effective against mosquitoes causing […] read more