Starting a magazine isn’t as hard as you’d think. I even have started several myself and successfully published them for years. Make no mistake, it’s diligence , but if you’ll meet a couple of key requirements you’ll get your briele. What are those few key requirements? 1) you would like some money to try to to this – Every business begin needs some capital and magazines are not any different. what proportion does one need? As little as a couple of hundred dollars will work (not including your printing costs) to urge your first issue on the streets and/or news stands. For a projected higher end book, you’ll need thousands of dollars hooked in to what market you’re entering and the way big you’re going right off the bat. The key are going to be to find out the talents you would like to publish and do the tasks yourself instead of hire an office filled with workers and payroll (I will hit on those skills during a minute and talk more about take advantage a minute). 2) Equipment – a minimum of one good computer capable of operating the varied software you’ll need (Adobe InDesign and a minimum of […] read more