It is difficult to manage large facilities and keep control over secure areas. All organizations need a way to effectively manage security and protect staff, valuables, and assets. No matter if it’s a hospital or a financial institution, everyone wants full control over their buildings. Since the industrial revolution, many systems have been tested and proven to Key control, thanks to the advances in technology and computer-based systems, has become a cost-effective, foolproof and reliable key management solution. The importance of key management systems These rooms contain valuable and sensitive information. The company could be seriously threatened if an individual enters these rooms without restriction. These areas and departments must be protected with effective key control systems. What Key Control Systems Do?Standard locks with restricted access doors are a basic system. These keys are attached to RFID key tabs that are only used for authorized personnel. You can store the keys in a locked locker. This requires a code to gain access to a particular key. The system logs all key transactions, including who received which key and when it was returned. RFID key tags transmit information to the system about each key use and can also send a warning message if the key is lost or stolen. Electronic lockers, key […] read more