All fellow dog lovers can agree that their dog deserves nothing but the best in all aspects of their life – their diet, exercise, attention from their family, toys, and of course, their accessories. Regal Dog offers luxurious accessories like dog collars, dog leashes, dog chains, and dog harnesses that are sure to be a conversation piece on every outing. With a mission to stand out among the many dog accessory companies available today, check out how Regal Dog lives up to their magnificent name below. Stunning Dog Accessories Upon taking a glimpse at Regal Dog’s products, you will see how aptly named their company is. Not a single product is like anything you have seen before. Taking their luxurious dog chains as an example: dog chains are commonly thought of as a chunky piece of metal that offers more function than style – that is not the case with Regal Dog’s chains. Their chains resemble those that you, the dog owner, would proudly sport with a nice outfit to be worn for a night on the town. Regal Dog’s chains come in collar or leash form, in various metal types, and some even have diamonds beautifully placed on the […] read more