3 CBD Oil Products You Ought to Know About   CBD Oil has become a popular product among people in recent years. For those who are aware of the many benefits of CBD oil for health and wellbeing, this should come as no surprise. Unlike their psychoactive counterpart, THC, CBD oil products have no psychoactive properties as CBD is a completely organic compound. This article will enlighten you on 3 CBD oil products that you ought to know about. Each of these can be used to promote health and wellness, and this article will outline how each product does so. 1.   CBD Body Cream CBD oil, or hemp oil, can be added to other kinds of natural oils to be used in skin creams and body lotions. There is already enough research that shows the amazing anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil, meaning that CBD body cream can be used to alleviate various skin and joint conditions such as acne, eczema, arthritis, and those suffering from jaw pain. 2.   CBD Topical Relief Patches This is one of those CBD oil products that has a myriad of health benefits for those who use them. A CBD topical relief patch is a transdermal […] read more