In this modern age people are wont to get most of what they need online. this is often no exception for silver jewelry, especially if you own a mercantile establishment you’ll compare prices from the comfort of your front room . Having said that, the truth is you want to travel abroad so as to seek out the foremost unique designs at the simplest prices or jewelry that matches your brand and customers. What are a number of the simplest known places to travel trying to find that sort of jewelry? In the recent years, there are a couple of popular spots within the world that became known countries with “silver towns”. These countries usually have an extended tradition of working with silver and a minimum of one may be a major producer of the commodity. These places flourish with experienced artisans, designers and jewelers that shine at their job and sometimes strive to transfer their skills to their descendants and/or apprentices in order that the normal methods of jewellery making aren’t lost. it’s somewhat of a standard consensus that a number of these places: Thailand: This warm and tropical country apart from being a famous tourist destination, boasts the […] read more